The Bottom Line on Covid-19…
Howlin’ Wolf – How Many More Years

We can spend trillions killing millions for billionaires, munitions cartels and war-profiteers or we can shut down the wars and invest in peace, people, planet and sanity/

Here are what Alternative News resources say about Covid-19:

  • ExposeFacts (
  • FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) (


There are plenty of ideas out there for measures that would truly help people, particularly those hardest hit by the crisis. The People’s Bailout, for instance, endorsed by hundreds of progressive groups and almost 100 members of Congress, calls for Congress to adhere to five principles in crafting Covid-19 relief packages:


  1. Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions.
  2. Economic relief must be provided directly to the people.
  3. Rescue workers and communities, not corporate executives.
  4. Make down payment on regenerative economy while preventing future crises.
  5. Protect our democratic process while protecting each other.



Among their more specific demands, the People’s Bailout calls for regular direct cash payments; free and accessible testing, treatment and PPE; and a halt to evictions, foreclosures, and water and electricity shut offs.

1.  AlterNet  (

“the data shows clearly the impact is unequally landing on the shoulders of people of color and all but the most wealthy” 


2.  Consortium News (

When a society has a system built on profit, run by sociopaths, based on the manipulation of lizard-brain impulses, then it will always end up in a race to the bottom. With unfettered capitalism we inevitably find ourselves with the worst drugs, priced at the highest amounts, hoarded by those who need them the least.”

3.  Democracy Now (

“In almost all the big diseases we’ve encountered in our history, whether it’s cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, etc., it’s been behavior change that has saved us from them. It’s been housing reform and social reform, sanitary reform, clean water, all of those things — hard-won social changes that actually build us out of the contagious way of life.

4.  The Intercept (

more than 120 countries have a lower mortality rate than the U.S., many of them dramatically lower — including Germany, South Korea, Japan, Denmark, Greece and Canada.”

5.  ProPublica (

“The federal government is spending billions of dollars to combat the coronavirus, and spending shows no sign of slowing down. Explore who the U.S. is buying from, what it’s buying and how much it’s paying.” (most of the funds go to the rich)

6.  Project Censored (

“Americans believe that inequality is an important problem that should be addressed, discussed, and deliberated upon, to assess what the public’s and the government’s responsibilities are to fellow Americans, and to those who are the most at risk, financially and health-wise, in this crisis period. But without sustained coverage of inequality’s place in the Covid-19 crisis, and without any journalistic attention to American public opinion on the inequality problem, it is unlikely that a serious discussion of what government can do to combat rising economic insecurity will happen any time soon.”

7. Reveal (The Center for Investigative Reporting) (

“With millions of people unemployed because of the coronavirus, Reveal’s Aaron Glantz looks at how the economic fallout is affecting homeowners and renters – and whether this crisis could end with people losing the very homes they’re forced to isolate themselves in.” 

8.  RT is an autonomous, non-profit organization that is publicly financed from the budget of the Russian Federation. For more information, contact:

Silicon Valley’s algorithms determine what content you see, when you see it, how you see it or if you see it at all. If the shadowy, faceless “moderators” disagree with your viewpoint or it is in opposition to the official neoliberal narrative, it disappears, and you are shadow-banned.”

The Center for Public Integrity (

“We need more ventilators. We need more masks. We also need reliable, accurate, unbiased reporting on the scope of this pandemic.”

“As the number of people being hospitalized for COVID-19 continues to rise, there are concerns that some vulnerable people, may not be able to get the care they need. 

new investigation from the Center for Public Integrity shows that people with disabilities may not be able to access ventilators amid the pandemic.

The investigation analyzed policies and guidelines from 30 states to see how people with disabilities would be treated if ventilators had to be rationed. And in all but five states, they found provisions that may give people with disabilities a lower priority than other patients. The remaining states either had no policies or did not release them.”

The Nation (

‘From the start, the homeless were among the groups most threatened by the coronavirus. Compared to other adults, a far higher proportion of them have respiratory or cardiovascular illnesses, which increase the risk of being infected and reduce chances of survival.’ 

  Truthout (

Sadly, even if the plight of the homeless worsens and their number rises dramatically, it will barely register in the corridors of power. The homeless are a minuscule fraction of the population and have zero political clout. Politicians can safely ignore them, particularly because they know that most voters do and that the media covers homelessness sporadically at best. The homeless, society’s all but invisible castaways, can hope for little at a time when they will need more help than ever.”

Mint Press News (

In a world dominated by American exceptionalism and neo-colonialism, hunger has become a weapon of war. “The use of starvation of the civilian population as a method of warfare is prohibited” under international humanitarian law yet the U.S. regularly reduces entire nations to dangerous levels of food insecurity in order to subjugate them.”

Institute for Public Accuracy (

“The empty White House promises of paying for COVID-19 services gloss over the messy and painful reality. While $100 billion designated for doctors and hospitals to provide care for patients with COVID-19 includes treating the uninsured, it is unclear how to disentangle who and what is covered and which conditions can be attributed to the virus. It’s crazy: you may get help for medical costs, but only if you can prove that COVID-19 caused your illness. No other wealthy country does this; they have universal standard medical coverage.”

Greg Palast (

COVID-19 has caused eleven states to reschedule their elections. Several more are still scheduled to be held this month. As states attempt to figure out how to safely run elections in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, many see voting by mail as the solution, but there are pitfalls.

In this interview with civil rights leader and Igniting Change host Barbara Arnwine, first broadcast on NewsTalk 1450 FM on March 31, investigative journalist Greg Palast says that rather than creating a precedent for cancelling elections, we should embrace mail-in ballots so we can vote without the risk of dying. However, he also explains that we need to make urgent changes to our voting system to make sure every mail-in ballot counts — and breaks down what those essential changes are.

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Independent Reporters and Whistleblowers

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