Sanders’ Bottom Line Ain’t Pretty…

And it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

aoeihtaoSanders is a pro-war and profiteering kind of guy.

He is a bad choice for president.

Bernie guarantees eight more years of war.

We are now at peak war... thanks to Bernie and others: 32 actual wars and some say as many as 137.  This nation is expanding and creating hundreds of unneeded militarized bases with our money and lives. And these bases often serve as enforcers for some brutal corporate bottom lines.

This makes no sense, avoidable wars should be avoided. Unnecessary wars must be ended.  We can make the terror end, because we have become the terror.

But Bernie Won’t Budge
…the once socialist has now become a military-industrial tool.
He is telling us lies about having cake and eating it too.  We need to slow down, acknowledge Bernie’s war-and- profiteering  record and understand he is proposing more bodies and lives for the corporate elite bottom line.

I see these pro-war candidates ( Hillary, Cruz, Bernie, Donald, Warren and another dozen) as sharing a commitment to stay at war, instead of securing the peace.

Rank treason. 81-KPqrfqzL._SL1500_

Stein or another Green Party president will shut down American wars about extraction. 

We can shine with Stein or a candidate she supports, because the doctor is smarter than most of us and has taken a vow to do no harm. She is well-trained and well-prepared and ready to turn the ship of state.  .

We can choose War with corporate cons from both sides of the aisle,

or Peace, rebuilding, jobs and progress with Dr. Jill Stein For President

“A coalition is building: 31 million Americans who want health care, 40 million Americans who…

“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take…”  ~Emma Goldman


    1. She is a Doctor with four degrees from Harvard. She is smarter than the last five presidents and has a plan for peace in our time. She will shut down corporate wars of choice. After securing the peace, we can reinvest in restoring our infrastructure, fixing our schools and transitioning to sustainable exports instead of exporting terror, munitions and war.


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