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Empire, deconstruction and revolution

“…we are now fighting 27 simultaneous wars… and have been building an empire based on more than 800 offensive military outposts. We sell arms to both sides of artificial conflicts sponsored by the CIA and/or the Pentagon. This increasing and expanding empire, selling unending wars for profit, can only bankrupt the nation.”

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Mayday 2016 in Portland Oregon!

Civil Rights are Human Rights!
Here’s the Newest Portland Alliance!

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The December 2013 Portland Alliance and 5th Monday Labor Radio Tonight!

Who is Joe Hill? December 30th, Fifth Monday KBOO Labor Radio at 6pm: Ron Verzuh & Michael Munk, with Lane Poncy and Michael Morrow

US. Now at War in Seven Nations and more on the horizon

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“Take Action: Demand that Congress and the President oppose any grand bargain which cuts Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits.” No fear, no compromise and no surrender!

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High rate of Obama deportations!

High rate of deportations continue under Obama despite Latino disapproval.

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PCASC Revolutionary Supper Club…. Honduras!

PCASC Revolutionary Supper Club…. Honduras!. ‘John Olmsted and Maribel Gomez are hosting a Revolutionary Supper Club – Honduras style! Enjoy a feast with friends and support Pcasc as well as … Continue reading

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