The December 2013 Portland Alliance and 5th Monday Labor Radio Tonight!

Vol. XXXIII, # 6 : December 2013  “Speaking Truth to Power Since 1981”

UNCENSORED NEWS Of, by and for the People!
Who is Joe Hill? December 30th, Fifth Monday KBOO Labor Radio at 6pm: Ron Verzuh & Michael Munk, with Lane Poncy and Michael Morrow

US. Now at War in Seven Nations and more on the horizon!
Class Struggle Against Poverty Wages

Pressuring Democrats Is a Dead-End

Gentrification in Portland
and what we can do about it.

Marijuana Reform Portal
Prohibition did not work with alcohol
and it’s not working with marijuana
Find out what’s happening with marijuana reform.

Proposed Settlement Agrement: US Dept of Justice and City of Portland Federal Judge Michael Simon will convene a public hearing on 18 February: We need an accountable Police Bureau

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