We are in a heap of trouble…

Today’s explosive increase in human CO2 emissions and warming of the oceans are recreating the conditions of the great Permian extinction 300 million years ago

resistWe are in a heap of trouble and things will get much worse before they get better.

Forest loss is the tip of the iceberg… 663 million people – 1 in 10 – lack access to safe water and we have declining air quality, collapsing fish stocks and are suffering extinctions and species loss while oceans are dying and seas rise.

dyingoceans1Our oceans are dying,


Today’s explosive increase in human CO2 emissions and warming of the oceans are recreating the conditions of the great Permian extinction 300 million years ago


So, instead of addressing these issues we spend trillions killing millions for billionaires… in American wars on nations whose people have not attacked us.occupy
The United States of America is officially bankrupt and our pretend money will not support official fictions. We know dozens of unprovoked and expanding wars of aggression will result in the economic bottom falling out between 2025 and 2030. This will lead to a global economic depression unlike any in recorded human history.
In response to these collective threats, a bold and daring 18% of the American people elect a narcissist, neo-fascist, clueless, racist, ranting, orange misogynist.
The whole planet knows this hot-tempered, socio-pathic, orange, man-child and chump has no skills for leadership.

He’s like a teenager on steroids with his finger on the red button.

Sigh… A heap of trouble indeed.


“Because you can’t argue with all the fools in the world. It’s easier to let them have their way, then trick them when they’re not paying attention.”

― Christopher Paolini


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Native Americans Under Assault


Stand up for Standing Rock Sioux

This assault on native American tribes is illegal, immoral and an abomination. This is not who we are. Resist!

sr5Cannon Ball, ND– Hundreds of water protectors were injured at the Standing Rock encampments when law enforcement blasted them with water cannons in freezing temperatures Sunday evening.   The attacks came as water protectors used a semi-truck to remove burnt military vehicles that police had chained to concrete barriers weeks ago, blocking traffic on Highway 1806.  Water protectors’ efforts to clear the road and improve access to the camp for emergency services were met with tear gas, an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), stinger grenades, rubber bullets, and indiscriminate use of a water cannon with an air temperature of 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Some flares shot by law enforcement started grass fires which were ignored by the water cannons and had to be extinguished by water protectors. Law enforcement also shot down three media drones and targeted journalists with less lethal rounds.

sr3National Lawyers Guild legal observers on the frontlines have confirmed that multiple people were unconscious and bleeding after being shot in the head with rubber bullets.  One elder went into cardiac arrest at the frontlines but medics administered CPR and were able to resuscitate him.  The camp’s medical staff and facilities are overwhelmed and the local community of Cannonball has opened their school gymnasium for emergency relief.

2016-09-16-1474044012-2676960-defend_the_sacredUnarmed people are brutalized by thugs with badges. Obama does nothing. When will he send Federal Troops to restrain these thugs from illegal and unconstitutional assaults on innocents.


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War is not the answer…

Election year nonsense can be very painful.

kingtrumpElection year nonsense can be very painful.
The Republican party bragged about wanting to spend trillions killing millions in avoidable wars for billionaires… and the Democratic party lied about wanting to spend trillions killing millions in avoidable wars for billionaires.

With Trump, Clinton or Obama… this was a losing proposition. 


We had two actual choices:

One choice was Trump or Clinton for wars on the road to ruin


The other choice was Dr. Jill Stein and The Green New Deal: securing the peace and investing in people, progress and the planet.

War was not the answer. 


But mainstream media represented the corporate elite and gave us entertainment instead of hard news.

So we got Trumped.

Now that the deed is done, we can’t pretend anymore.
We can secure the peace and rebuild the nation or let the bottom fall out.  

Time to organize.   Si se puede.