Masks are not a solution…

Wash your hands. Stay clean. Stay home when sick, avoid people who are sick and do not make fun of people who wear masks. The odds of getting Covid are 1 in 80,000. Only .0007% of the population of planet Earth have died from this virus. The flu and too many local cops are more dangerous.
John Lee Hooker & Carlos Augusto Alves Santana – The Healer  

Nothin’ but the Truth…

The truth is powerful.

All  current American conflicts (including the West Bank and Gaza) … involve CIA destabilization, attacks, bombings, invasions and/or occupations for exploitation, extraction and extortion.

The United States sells munitions to both sides of conflicts we create and sustain.
It’s not pretty.

For 36 years we have attacked smaller and less powerful nations who have not attacked us. We have murdered millions and delivered death, destruction and disaster. But mainstream American media tells us wars-for-profit are here to stay