Facts matter…

Bernie Sanders not only been exposed, his proposals have not been “vetted” or endorsed by anyone.  Bernie Sanders said very clearly in the debates with Clinton (and in public statements) that he intends to continue Obama’s 25 wars of choice against smaller and less powerful nations who did not attack us.Exactly how sick this is… was recently revealed.

We have CI1984A proxy troops fighting U. S. Pentagon proxy troops and both sides die according to various attacks or invasions imposed by American military and intelligence resources and forces. This destroys infrastructure, homes, utilities, hospitals, universities and nations. Millions die for billionaires to deposit profits overseas.

Because we allow this to happen:  Wars for corporate profit.

Theses wars of aggression for profit are replicated around the globe.

This currently costs trillions of bernieandhillarydollars in taxpayer resources, to kill millions of innocents, create new enemies, destroy nations and bankrupt America. Unsustainable insanity.  For the past eight years these wars on nations who did not attack us have been orchestrated, and funded by Bernie, Hillary, Obama and the rest of the millionaires glee club.


We cannot continue unprovoked American aggression for profit. Everyday people are the only ones who can stop the insanity. We may not be in the Millionaires Club, b99%ut we are the 99% and we have the power.
The profiteers, war-cons and criminals who refuse to secure the peace and will undue this nation are only the 1%.

We can wake up the people and take back the planet with the Green New Deal.

With Dr. Jill Stein as president, we could have finally secured the peace, rebuilt the nation and restored the planet. Our lives are in our hands.
Before 2030 we will be bankrupt, in retreat from more than 800 military bases, with rising seas and nuclear meltdowns.  When hundreds of nuclear sites are submerged, this will contaminate our already dying seas and it will be all over but the shouting.


Trump and Clinton are nuts.

But Dr. Stein was prepared.

Jill Stein could have provided mature leadership and a vetted plan: Stein is level-headed, better-educated, younger, more progressive, and smarter than Bernie, Hillary, Donnie and the last five presidents.steinhasbacks

The war-con 1% have been screwing up
for 36 years, 
It’s time to stand up and
take it back. Si se puede.



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