3rd Parties… or 7th, 8th, 9th and more!


We deserve better than Ronnie Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Trump, and avoidable wars for profit.




Our educational system is failing. High school graduates cannot do college level work. We have 57 thousand bridges falling down across the nation.  Infrastructure is falling apart, but we build unnecessary walls and waste trillions enforcing corporate thefts of resources in 31 victim nations. Systemic decline continues and next year it will be worse than it is today.  We deserve better.

Instead of non-profit, single-payer, common sense health care, we got mandated peace5payments to deep-pocket insurance cartels who continue to hold the purse-strings and control the increased costs.

The health “insurance” we get is increasingly un-affordable and leaves 31 to 35 million Americans at risk, uncovered, unprotected, vulnerable and losing fortunes, homes and lives.  America has the most expensive and least effective healthcare among developed nations on planet Earth.

This cannot continue.

We spend trillions fighting avoidable wars about private corporate extraction. Most of the biggest players in the Fortune 500 (like the 16 big guys who make billions and pay no taxes) are savvy enough to payoff both corporate parties to hedge their bets.

Our only option is to pay attention. Between 60 and 75% of the voting public say, at this point, they are ready and willing to seriously consider a third party.


This is good and bad.

The bad part is Bernie Sanders will rope people into the lesser evil myth (with a blind eye to Israeli and corporate aggression.) The truths he will tell about banks are useful, but when he folds up his tent and supports Hillary or some other
war con, we are left in the lurch with nothing but expanding wars and  bankruptcy on the horizon. 

But there is good news.  We have a bird in the hand!

Dr. Jill Stein has a plan for revolutionary change. She will put everyday people back in charge and secure the peace so we can move foreward.  

president stein
Dr. Stein is recognized as a global leader in health care and people. She advocates for peace and a restoration of human services at home and abroad. As we transition to peace, instead of expanding corporate wars, we can rebuild, renew and replace failing infrastructure. This will create jobs at home, good-will abroad and ships will rise.

During and after this transition, we will retool for peace and shut down ambitious, boneheaded and counterproductive corporate power grabs and abuses of the public trust. Savvy firms will reinvest in peace, people and human services so we can begin exporting technology, information, education and peace… instead of munitions, aggression, studious-ignorance and war. It’s time to stop fooling ourselves. War is surrender and peace is victory.



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