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A St. Louis cop got away with killing another kid… And Portland Activists
are taking it to the streets!

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Dueling Public Debt Deceptions

“The figures in that graphic are pure fabrications, as anyone can easily confirm by plugging Obama’s inauguration date — Jan. 20, 2009 — in the Treasury Department’s handy “debt to the penny” website.

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“Take Action: Demand that Congress and the President oppose any grand bargain which cuts Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits.” No fear, no compromise and no surrender!

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Potential 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate

Potential 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate Former U.S. Representative from GeorgiaCynthia Ann McKinneyBorn: March 17th, 1955 (age 58)Cynthia McKinney lost her bid to contest for a seventh term in Congress in … Continue reading

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The October Alliance!

October 2013 Portland Alliance! NW Alliance for Alternative Media, Education & Human Services   Of, by and for the 99% Illustration by Clyde Ray List News, Cartoons, Art, Music, … Continue reading

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Who shut down the US government and why.

“If our representatives voted for our interests instead of the corporate bottom line, we would have a booming economy with plenty of jobs.” tmf

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Thinking about a new laptop?

Some computers are tempermental. If you mistreat them strange things may happen while you are sleeping.   Computers never sleep.  The compelling virtue of Linux is that it is free, … Continue reading

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School Boards should be managing the fiscal assets of our schools, lobbying  the legislature, interacting with city, state, and federal officials and providing safe, adequate, and superior resources for teaching … Continue reading

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The Taxman in the trenchcoat. Two Petitions for Justice.

“Preempting the ability of local communities to regulate the food they grow and eat is wrong. Please sign this petition.”  Dave Mazza on Facebook Tell Gov. Kitzhaber that we must … Continue reading

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The September Portland Alliance!

The September Portland Alliance! Truth to Power Since 1981Call, Write, & email elected Officials to tell them no war on Syria!

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Vol. XXXIII, September 2013 Speaking Truth to Power Since 1981 Obama to attack Syria by himself on Airforce 1 Has Atlanta Georgia Changed in the last 50 years? What … Continue reading

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About ThePeaceresource

About ThePeaceresource.

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Contact Elected Officials: No War on Syria.

Contact Elected Officials: No War on Syria..

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No War on Syria: Sign a Petition!

No War on Syria: Sign a Petition!.

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No War on Syria: Sign a Petition!

NO TO WAR IN SYRIA! Bombing the victims is wrong….. The American people do not want the United States to go to war in Syria. There are no American interests … Continue reading

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