Who shut down the US government and why.

rainy-day-readingThe Republicans are in the majority. They, in the person of Mr. Boehner, control whether or not we fund the government. They choose not to fund the US government because they do not like having 26 million more Americans having access to health care. They are standing up for their corporate clients and telling the American people to take a hike. No two ways around it.

Instead of observing the rule of law and funding our government, Republicans are costing us millions of dollars per day so they can pout about a legislative battle which is over. Nothing but the facts. The disapproval rate for Republicans is 76%

fightbackThe disapproval rate for Democrats is 64%.
I disapprove of both corporate parties. They are corrupt.
Our senators, representatives and other elected officials are selling their votes, power and influence for cash instead of representing the people who elected them.   And right now, Republicans are holding us hostage, wasting time, money, and resources. A simple fact.

Corporate corruption continues:

“The Fiscal Cliff and Austerity are Nonsense.
It is time our corporate partners step up to the plate!”
Back in the sixties and seventies corporations paid for 26% of the costs of administerngoccupythe state. They did this as the cost of doing business. They raked in the dough and all ships rose. But today, they pay less than 8% because they bought influence in congress.  They want to rake in the dough and force the American people to pay their costs of doing business. This is why the nation is in decline.
If our representatives voted for our interests instead of the corporate bottom line, we would have a booming economy with plenty of jobs. ”

Corporate Accountability and The WorkPlace
AlterNet / By Paul Buchheit
16 Giant Corporations That Have Basically Stopped Paying Taxes —
While Also Cutting Jobs!

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