Masks are not a solution…

Wash your hands. Stay clean. Stay home when sick, avoid people who are sick and do not make fun of people who wear masks. The odds of getting Covid are 1 in 80,000. Only .0007% of the population of planet Earth have died from this virus. The flu and too many local cops are more dangerous.
John Lee Hooker & Carlos Augusto Alves Santana – The Healer  

We can win in November 2020

A coalition is building: 31 million Americans who want health care, 40 million Americans who want their student debt erased. 70 million students in secondary school and college who want the opportunity for free K-16 education. 5 million Americans who lost their homes to banks. 3 million Americans used and abused in corporate wars of choice. And 80% of Americans who are in debt and tired of seeing banks bailed out and Main Street sold out.