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Imagination is the Cure…


Humans are carbon-based beings.  And we are NOT suffering from overpopulation.

This is a myth.

We can shut down wars of choice and reinvest those funds in infrastructure, alternative energy, education, health care, housing and peace. We have solutions.…/homeles…/

We need not go back to living in caves to survive. We have viable solutions, but crazy people spend trillions on war… making sustainable alternatives impossible.

I can ride my bicycle down to the creek and go fishing, get in my electric truck and drive across the nation, sail a ship across the ocean and fly a solar-powered plane anywhere on the planet. Investing in alternative energy, we can establish moon colonies and explore the stars. We are young, we humans beings… and it’s too early to write us off.

Technology is not the problem. War, greed and stupidity are the problems.

We can shut down the wars and hold the cons accountable by organizing, educating and agitating.

This has been working across human history.…/shine-on-you…/

Hans Rosling is a Swedish medical doctor, academic,…

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