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Daniel Castro – No Surrender – 1999 – I’ll Play The Blues For You

The Flu is currently more lethal and widespread than COVID-19:
both diseases can be avoided or prevented with common sense.

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Stanford University researchers recently made headlines after testing 3,330 volunteers from Santa Clara County for antibodies against the new coronavirus.

The team concluded that 2.5 to 4.2 percent of people have already been infected—a proportion much higher than the official count suggests. This, the authors claimed, means that the virus is less deadly than suspected, and that severe lockdowns may be overreactions”

“In the classic hero’s journey—the archetypal plot structure of myths and movies—the protagonist reluctantly departs from normal life, enters the unknown, endures successive trials, and eventually returns home, having been transformed. If such a character exists in the coronavirus story, it is not an individual, but the entire modern world. The end of its journey and the nature of its final transformation will arise from our collective imagination and action. And they, like so much else about this moment, are still uncertain.”
ED YONG is a staff writer at The Atlantic, where he covers science.
The flu and COVID-19 may be prevented by frequent, thorough hand washing, coughing into the crook of your elbow, staying home when sick and limiting contact with people who are infected. Or use a handkerchief when you cough.

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here are updated numbers and percentages.
Global Deaths 4.09 Million
World Population 7.8 Billion
Global Deaths (inflated figures) divided by
World Population (actual figures) = 1.311382051282051e-4
This means that .000013% of the planet has died from Covid
and 99 plus percent have not died from Covid.
The odds of NOT dying from Covid, so far, (based on inflated figures)
.. are better than 99%

Sometimes we need to listen to doctors instead of bureaucrats.

Are face masks effective in protecting against COVID-19?

“If you are infected, the use of surgical face masks may reduce the risk of you infecting other people. On the other hand there is no evidence that face masks will effectively prevent you from becoming infected with the virus. In fact, it is possible that the use of face masks may even increase the risk of infection due to a false sense of security and increased contact between hands, mouth and eyes while wearing them. The inappropriate use of masks also may increase the risk of infection”

By Paul M. Kempen, MD, PhD
“While every death is a tragedy and there have been many due to contracting COVID-19 from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, almost 3 million Americans die in a year from all sources, based on in 2017 CDC numbers.
Clare in the community cartoon - Covid-19
However, we still do not know with certainty the actual number of COVID-19 cases or deaths for multiple reasons:
1) Testing was not available from the start of the epidemic.
2) Statistics are based on diagnosis, which include non proven “assumed infections.
3) Hospitals are paid tens of thousands of dollars to “up-code” (incentivizing such declarations and assumptions) by including COVID-19 on as a diagnosis when possible, while influenza/pneumonia deaths are the 7th leading cause of death in the USA (roughly 56,000/year) and most drug overdoses (the most recent pre-COVID “epidemic”) appear as respiratory deaths and these seem to have disappeared from the media horizon.
4) It remains unclear to what extent repeated positive tests continue to be counted as “new cases.”The Media-Produced Fear Is What's Killing Our Country, Not The ...
Corona viruses cause 20% of common colds predominantly in the “cold and flu season” and mix in with flu infections and associated deaths, with Covid 19 possibly now compounding these deaths.

The CDC does track excess deaths at this site….

Coronavirus: UK lockdown to be reviewed after Easter, as death ...

and this may be the best index of the USA’s COVID-19 dangers overall. The CDC data states that the US COVID-19 related peak occurred during the week ending April 11, 2020, which has steadily declined and recently disappeared, with a total of around 90K excess deaths to date.

Information from the United Kingdom separates these excess deaths and indicates that not all such “excess deaths” truly are COVID-19 deaths.

Also, “researchers say the number of excess deaths isn’t necessarily attributable directly to COVID-19, but it could include people who were too frightened to seek treatment for unrelated illnesses due to the pandemic.”

The media continues to exclaim a resurgence and possible second wave of COVID-19 based on “new cases” and neglects that the deaths have been typically in older, sicker baseline patients, who may have likely died in the next 10-20 weeks of other causes. While young people can go out and demonstrate, they too can go to work.

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Because Coronaviruses are transmitted like the flu, and this COVID-19 episode has traveled much like a severe flu season. It is very possible that the “common cold” virus has now mutated and become a flu like syndrome, which will not disappear and may recur yearly like the flu. To continue treating COVID-19 like a “one time” event, to be contained by closing down the economy and allowing media to fear monger by daily publication of total cases and death is simply untenable and we have already had coronavirus-related epidemic occurrences in 2003 (SARS) and 2012 (MERS).
Political Cartoons 3/5/2020

COVID-19 may simply document this recurrent nature of the modern severe coronavirus disease cycle. The rates of COVID-19 total numbers will ALWAYS go up and bigger numbers result in bigger fear, until the mass of society has survived the virus and created a “herd immunity”-until the next mutation.

We should mandate publication of only daily or weekly numbers in chart form, which show the current decline (or increase), to provide a risk analysis perspective for the masses. We must also remind ourselves that the young and healthy have the lowest risk of death and that overall the death rate is around 2% of “all cases” and “cases” as well as “new cases” have yet to be clearly defined! With a damaged economy, the general population still cannot obtain protective equipment (N95 masks are not available to date) and home-made masks do not protect the wearer-but do limit spreading of secretions to others.

Finally, we must recognize a number of realities: This whole episode of media hysteria served to mitigate the PEAK of COVID-19 hospitalizations (to insure sufficient care for ALL) as well as to teach the needed personal measures to create temporary containment….and the peak has PASSED and everyone has been provided education.Mass hysteria or valid fear? Researchers on the coronavirus - Vox ...
Personal health is a personal responsibility and respiratory infections from all pathogens will remain a recurrent problem, requiring personal attention to health for years to come for ALL pathogens. Living in poverty, under crowded conditions and without self-responsible actions may lead to infection and deadly outcomes, which may appear to culminate in the “racial trends”…….unfounded associations………. publicized by the media to create “news” suggesting racial “weakness to infection.”
We expect all healthcare providers to go to work every day into the storm of disease and risks. “Life after COVID-19” cannot be the ongoing demise of the US economy, an economy which must return and provide effective protection and treatment for these new challenges.
It is time to quit living in fear and act with knowledge, direction and personal responsibility for the days and years to come.”

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