Everybody knows this is nowhere…

We have better choices…. Everybody knows this is nowhere…Everybody Knows This is Nowhere" Archives | In The Studio with Redbeard

Down by the River

Everything must change!

Nina Simone: Everything Must Change

Voting for the war parties IS NOT WORKING!
We must choose peace over war: The Green Party over the war parties.

NINA SIMONE – Revolution (1969)

“The minute we stand up, we are unstoppable. It’s time to forget the lesser evil and fight for the greater good.”…


To take the White House, all Angela Walker, Howie Hawkins and the Green Party need to do is tell hard truths.


Rolling Stones and Howlin Wolf _1965_
How Many More Years Cuántos años más.

all ships can rise. https://www.gp.org/register  

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