Reality Unmasked…

Unless you are sick. work with Covid patients or are in a hospital or areas of risk…
there is no reason to wear a mask.
Howlin Wolf – Spoonful

Mandatory Masks are not a good idea…

Universal non-profit health care is the cure.

“Psychotherapist Amy Morin explains that wearing the masks does more for our mental health than our physical well-being, by soothing our anxiety and giving us the illusion of being in control.”

Wash your hands. Stay home when sick. Avoid others who are sick. Use a handkerchief when you sneeze or cough, just like Mama taught. The flu is more dangerous than this virus.
Marvin Gaye -What`s Going On

We are in a heap of trouble
with the most expensive
and least effective health care system
among developed nations.

A moron at the helm thinks he can
second-guess doctors and scientists
and the US Senate does not have the
integrity or inclination to remove Trump and Pence.
Things will continue to deteriorate.

Covid is a footnote to dozens of expanding wars and is less dangerous than the flu. Torturing children with masks, half-truths and lies is unhealthy and unwise.
Howlin’ Wolf – Meet Me In The Bottom 

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“There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.”~Albert Camus

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