Reality Unmasked…

War is the problem

Those who work with Covid-19 patients, people visiting a hospital or persons who live in areas of known risk should wear a mask. But most healthy people, most of the time, do not need to wear masks. Mainstream media mendacity should not determine whether or not anyone wears a mask.

People should listen to doctors and scientists.
Howlin Wolf – Spoonful

Mandatory Masks are NOT a good idea…

Universal non-profit health care is the cure for this virus.
But in America, we have the most expensive and least effective health care among developed nations. This is the problem. And this was the problem before Covid-19 became a media obsession.

“Psychotherapist Amy Morin explains that wearing the masks does more for our mental health than our physical well-being, by soothing our anxiety and giving us the illusion of being in control.”

Wash your hands. Stay home when sick. Avoid others who are sick. Use a handkerchief when you sneeze or cough, just like Mama taught. The flu and another half dozen causes of death are significantly more dangerous than this virus. Masks are only necessary in areas where transmission of colds, the flu or Covid-19 are known to be high.
Marvin Gaye -What`s Going On

We are in a heap of trouble with the most expensive and least effective health care system among the ten most developed nations. America is dead last in providing for the health of her people.

Morons and sycophants at the helm, in congress and the White House, think they can second-guess doctors and scientists and base policy on media madness. And the US Senate does not have the integrity or inclination to remove these thugs.

Things will continue to deteriorate.

Covid is a footnote to dozens of expanding wars.
Torturing children with masks, half-truths and lies is unhealthy and unwise.

The Media-Produced Fear Is What's Killing Our Country, Not The Coronavirus  | Coronavirus |
Howlin’ Wolf – Meet Me In The Bottom 

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