The Elephant in the room…

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Trump is clueless, arrogant, incompetent, racist, misogynist, dangerous and stupid.

In expanding dozens of wars of aggression, the Donald has made us demonstrably less secure. Don John has broken several laws and seems to feel that he has no obligation to obey the law.

Trump’s venal descent into fascism is dangerous. ICE has injured thousands of children and the CIA and the Pentagon have injured or killed countless victims in dozens of unprovoked and simultaneous wars of aggression about extraction.  Don interfered with legal processes for thousands of immigrants legally seeking asylum.  Donald has been stealing land from indigenous people by selling off national parks with zero oversight and accountability.


9aa0f10b0f9a99bae477e1621ea2cb81--donald-trump-donald-oconnorD. J. Trump refuses to secure the peace and continues spending us into insolvency. The bottom of our funny money is predicted fall out before 2030 and this insolvency may trigger global depression.
Trump refuses to address the issue of our rising oceans.
Donald is alienating our allies by attacking dozens of nations who have not attacked us. His administration is exporting terror, munitions and wars on dozens of nations to enforce corporate extraction, exploitation and extortion. 
Donald John Trump has become a real life “Don” of the imperial presidency: the largest criminal enterprise on the planet. This is flat dangerous. His incompetence and malfeasance make securing the peace, banking reform, universal nonprofit health care, universal college education, erasure of student debt, healing planet Earth and the export of knowledge, technology and peace impossible.
Surrendering global leadership to China
Making Americans less safe with North Korea
Emboldening Putin’s Russia
Increasing the chances of war in the Middle Eastbeforeitsnewsdotcom
Weakening America’s hand against Iran
Politicizing the U.S. military—and failing LGBT service members
Making a mockery of American values
Supporting dictators
Gutting and undercutting American diplomacy
Failing to address the nuclear threat
Enriching himself at Americans’ expense
Weakening the United States at home and in the world
“President Trump has needlessly alienated America’s allies; stoked tensions and heightened risks with little to show but damaged credibility; squandered the goodwill of people everywhere; and surrendered the high ground of moral and global leadership. He has dishonored the ideals of the country and turned its people against one another. In just 12 months, Trump has done serious, lasting damage to America’s security at home and standing in the world. One year later, the country is divided and distracted by Trump from the challenges and opportunities of a fast-changing world and the American people are less safe.

~A responsible congress would have removed both Trump and Pence for incompetence. How long will we continue to ignore the elephant in the room?

We are running out of time…

“Our generation is on the verge of the most profound catastrophe the human species has violence2ever faced. Death threats to the living earth are coming from all sides. Water, sunlight, air and soil are all threatened. When Eskimos of the far north begin to experience leukemia from atomic radiation and Eskimo mothers’ milk contains crisis levels of PCBs, we must recognize that every organism on the planet is threatened..

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  1. Our congress is as bought and paid for by corrupt corporate and banking interests as the executive and judicial branches are. Probably more. The US has not made a formal declaration of war since WWII, the so-called “good war.” Not to mention that it is the Council on Foreign Relations that shapes American foreign policy primarily, along with the military-industrial-surveillance complex, the Pentagon, the CIA, RAND, AIPAC, the Neocons, the Saudis, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and other global banking interests, not to forget the unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security. To say that Russia or Iran (or the Philippines) are a threat to US interests is as misguided as Trump’s racist attitude toward Muslims is. This could have been the global era of economic cooperation, that is, had we been smart enough to seize it. The petro-dollar is going to collapse, and probably soon, and if we continue to cling to the racist and apartheid state of Israel and Saudi Arabia as outposts of expanding American Anglo-Zionist-Wahhabist hegemony, as well as continue to fund and even take part in more racist wars (read:slaughters) as in Syria (which the CIA initiated with Operation Timber-Sycamore), and especially like the one in Yemen led by the Wahhabist Saudis (who are not real Muslims and who fund Al Qaeda and ISIS), we’re doomed. If the completely fraudulent, though profitable, “war on terror” remains a given, just like the fraudulent “war on drugs” that is currently destroying Mexico, especially among the zombie television-watching (and -believing) American public, perhaps the most propagandized-to citizenry of the modern era, we’re digging our own grave. The 1% will retreat to their foreign compounds and bank accounts. It’s the people who will suffer and die. The war economy (that is, the debt-and-death-economy) must go.


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