Small Truths and Big Lies

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“I’m not afraid of God. I’m afraid of man.”

― Svetlana Alexievich

In all societies, public rhetoric involves some measure of lying, and history — political history and art history — is made when someone effectively confronts the lie. But in really scary societies all public conversation is an exercise in using words to mean their opposites — in describing the brave as traitorous, the weak as frightening, and the good as bad — and confronting these lies is the most scary and lonely thing a person can do.”

― Masha Gessen

In the short or long run, isms isn’t the point.  Revolution is the cure…
Nina Simone: Revolution


All of us are more than fed up with mediocrity, hypocrisy, lesser-evil, trickle-down, less-than-perfect settling for spending trillions and killing millions for munitions firms and billionaires who pay no taxes and steal what we pay.

This is more than “less than perfect.” This shakedown is organized crime, committed in our names and on our dime because we let it happen and it comes from both sides of the corporate aisles.

Over time we find small truths, big lies, radical science and brilliant ideas. But so far war trumps peace, aggression spreads and myths abound. Too many live in personal fictions where facts are too great a burden to bear.

“Reality denied comes back to haunt.”

― Philip K. Dick

Sometimes religious flights of the the imagination can have consequences.

“Regardless of the staggering dimensions of the world about us, the density of our ignorance, the risks of catastrophes to come, and our individual weakness within the immense collectivity, the fact remains that we are absolutely free today if we choose to will our existence in its finiteness, a finiteness which is open on the infinite. And in fact, any man who has known real loves, real revolts, real desires, and real will knows quite well that he has no need of any outside guarantee to be sure of his goals; their certitude comes from his own drive.”

― Simone de Beauvoir, The Ethics of Ambiguity

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