War is not the answer…

kingtrumpElection year nonsense can be very painful.
The Republican party bragged about wanting to spend trillions killing millions in avoidable wars for billionaires… and the Democratic party lied about wanting to spend trillions killing millions in avoidable wars for billionaires.


With Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton… this is a losing proposition. 


We had two actual choices:

One choice was Trump or Clinton for wars on the road to ruin

The other choice was Dr. Jill Stein and The Green New Deal: securing the peace and investing in people, progress and the planet.

War has never been an answer, always the problem. answer.


But mainstream media represents the corporate elite and gives  entertainment instead of hard news.

We got tricked, Trumped and trickled-on.

Now that the deed is done, we can’t pretend anymore.
We can secure the peace and rebuild the nation or let the bottom fall out.  

Time to organize.   Si se puede.

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