We must vote our values

81-kpqrfqzl-_sl1500_We have the power to make a difference. 
We can shut down 49 wars of choice and invest in peace, people and planet.

There are more of us.

Mainstream media represents the corporate elite
and these so-called news outlets are more concerned
with entertainment than with real news.

We must educate, organize and agitate for peace, justice and freedom.

How Blue Can You Get?

We can be liberated from war-profiteers and invest in a sustainable future.


George W. Bush was never elected president.


But he was installed as president of American Wars, Inc.




bama and Biden carried George W. Bush’s torch, taking us from 4 unprovoked and avoidable wars into 31 unnecessary corporate-American wars about extraction, exploitation and extortion. 


This bankrupted America and crippled the planet.

queen hillary

Trump and Clinton offered to continue spending trillions killing kingtrumpmillions for billionaires.
Trump doubled down on this.
And Biden says nothing will change


Corporate wars enforcing extraction have not been
working out well for most of us.

Biden offers more of the same… 

Corporate wars and profiteering have already bankrupted the nation.

…If we continue down this road towards the end of empire, our military expansion into deficits will trigger global recession before 2030. We will be in full retreat from 800 military bases in 150 nations while dying oceans rise to flood all shores. 


We have solutions!
 We can leave the war parties behind by voting for  The Green Party New Deal for Peace, People and Planet. Instead of voting against ourselves for unending wars, we can shut down the wars and force investment in peace, people and planet.


Revolutionary solutions can work in 2024! 

We can establish a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. End the wars and drone attacks, cut military spending by at least 50% and close 800+ offensive military bases that have turned our republic into a bankrupt but expanding empire.

We can shut down dozens of corporate wars, end U.S. support and arms sales to human rights abusers and begin to export knowledge, technology and peace instead of terror, munitions and war.

Si se puede.

Currently we are in dangerous waters with a dim racist chump at the helm.

Vote Green for Peace!  all ships can rise.       https://www.gp.org/register


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Together we make a difference.

Thanks for all you do.

Join the Revolution!

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