Regime Change for the corporate bottom line is a bad idea

onemorethingThe problem in Syria is the United States bombing a variety of targets, creating more enemies and making life more dangerous. We need for our trigger-happy presidents to stand down and let congress declare war or not. This is how the founders of this nation envisioned this process. Obama has taken it upon himself to bomb first and ask questions later. Trump continues with this insanity. A responsible congress would hold them accountable or impeach them for incompetence and malfeasance. Obama was publicly boasting at one time that he had bombed 7 nations (and eventually 10) who posed no real threat.  These are war crimes.  And under Trump these expanding wars have continued. 

(Obama is the same president who described shooting an unarmed man in the forehead and dropping his body overboard is “justice.”)  This is not a football game. These are wars created by CIA and Pentagon destabilization efforts. The USA needs to butt out and stop dropping bombs. “Saving Syria” by bombing the hell out of it is not working. We need responsible and accountable leaders. Chump Trump is even more dangerous than Obama.

“ISIL replaced al-Qaeda as the new pretext for pre-emptive and revenge air strikes, redeployment, war, and occupation. Thanks to ISIL, the main losers of the Arab Spring emerged as the new hegemons. Moreover, ISIL became the alibi or the justification for all regional warmongers to carry any atrocities.”

rest of story:…/isis-the-cia…/

fightback“Nothing better illustrates the bankruptcy of the Obama administration’s foreign policy than funding groups that turn on the U.S. again and again, a neo-con fueled cycle of profits for war-makers and destruction of ever-shifting “enemies.”

The facts can’t be refuted: ISIS was born of Western intervention in Iraq,  covert action in Syria and unprovoked wars in 25 other (mostly Muslim) nations.

This Frankenstein-like experiment of arming the alleged freedom-seeking Syrian opposition created the monster that roams the region. ISIS and the U.S. have a curious relationship — mortal enemies that, at the same time, benefit from some of the same events,”

Thick smoke from an airstrike by the US-led coalition rises in Kobani, Syria, as seen from a hilltop on the outskirts of Suruc, at the Turkey-Syria border, Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014. (Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

By Zeina Karam, Associated Press
By Zeina Karam, Associated Press

American and transnational corporate contractors are running the show. Regime change in Iraq and now regime change in Syria are about munitions sales. This remains the bottom line.

Here is the real story:

US leads airstrike attack on Islamic State in eastern Syria

Here is the cover story:

Turkish warplanes bomb ISIS positions in Syria…/middle…/turkey-syria-isis-violence/

war-is-moneyWho profits? Follow the money….

“Stock prices for Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman set all-time record highs last week as it became increasingly clear that President Obama was committed to a massive, sustained air war in Iraq and Syria.

It’s nothing short of a windfall for these and other huge defense contractors, who’ve been getting itchy about federal budget pressures that threatened to slow the rate of increase in military spending.

Now, with U.S. forces literally blowing through tens of millions of dollars of munitions a day, the industry is not just counting on vast spending to replenish inventory, but hoping for a new era of reliance on supremely expensive military hardware.”

resistSo where do we go from here?

We did not “drift” into ongoing conflicts (at levels varying between attacks, invasions, occupation, destabilization and boots on the ground.

American aggression for extraction, exploitation and extortion which began under Obama… continues to expand under Trump: these avoidable conflicts include Bombings, Drones, Other (CIA & Pentagon mercenaries) in Afghanistan, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gaza, Gulf of Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Tunesia, Uganda, Ukraine, the West Bank,
& Yemen. More than 27 Wars of Aggression


We can choose a different path.

Surrendering to fear with endless wars is untenable. We can embrace courage and secure a sustainable peace

“Those who insist on pretending we only can choose between Democrats and Republicans president steinmust learn how to think outside the corporate box. We have 36 years of evidence that unending war is not the answer.

Either sitting on the couch and hoping for change or only focusing on local issues while ignoring trillions spent killing millions are NOT solutions.

We must keep our eyes on the prize and vote values instead of fears. We can secure the peace and demand justice. Too much hangs in the balance to straddle the fence, vote for lesser evils… or lose hope and surrender.”

It is time to make a change. Avoidable and unnecessary wars must not continue.


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Stop Drilling in the Arctic! Obama betrayed us Again…

Oil companies like Shell, which recently received the green light from the Obama administration to begin drilling in the Chukchi Sea as soon as this summer, have been trying to gain access to the Arctic for years. Now Obama has allowed it.

Greenpeace activists board the ice breakers Fennica and Nordica in Helsinki. The activists protest against Shell's Arctic oil drilling plans by dropping banners reading
Greenpeace activists board the ice breakers Fennica and Nordica in Helsinki. The activists protest against Shell’s Arctic oil drilling plans by dropping banners reading “Save the Arctic. Stop Shell”. The government owned company Arctia Shipping has contracted the ice breakers to support Shell’s drilling for the drilling seasons 2012-2014.

Why do people support Obama when he supports drilling in the Arctic, offshore drilling, murdering prisoners, 27 unnecessary wars of choice, the suspension of habeas corpus, sending illegal drones knowing each kills an average of fifty innocent people.

If you want this irresponsible drilling stopped, contact the most powerful man on the planet… as if if would do you any good.

(He is not on our side, he is in Shell’s pocket.)

Obama administration grants Arctic drilling approval to Shell

Cindy Shogan, executive director of the Alaska Wilderness League, called it the wrong choice.

“This decision puts the fate of the fragile Arctic Ocean, and our climate future, in the hands of Shell Oil,” she said in a statement.

resistOil companies like Shell, which recently received the green light from the Obama administration to begin drilling in the Chukchi Sea as soon as this summer, have been trying to gain access to the Arctic for years. Now Obama has allowed it.

Theoretically, Obama could have tried to keep Shell and other oil companies out of the Arctic in a few different ways. The most stringent level of protection, according to Greenpeace’s Cassady Sharp, would be to declare the Chukchi Sea as a marine sanctuary — the marine equivalent to defining an area as wilderness. Oil and gas drilling is generally prohibited in marine areas designated as National Marine Sanctuaries by NOAA regulations.

But he chose not to. Instead, he told them to go ahead and take the risk. (With a known 75% chance of a spill.)

nospillAccording to Niel Lawrence, project director for National Resources Defense Council’s Alaska Project, Obama could also use the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA) to withdraw the entire U.S. Arctic outer continental shelf from leasing eligibility —

But he chose not to.

Obama could cancel the lease that gives Shell — and other oil companies — the right to drill in the area, something that 18 senators … asked him to do in a letter earlier this week. The current lease runs through 2017, meaning that canceling the lease would prevent Shell and other companies from drilling in the area at least through 2017.

puppetBut he chose not to.

“Shell still has not submitted a new or updated Oil Spill Response Plan for 2015,” Lawrence said. “We also know that there still are no spill response methods proven effective in situ in an Arctic Ocean environment.”

But drilling in this sensitive area, knowing a spill is likely, Obama sided with Shell.

He is not on our side…. and never has been.…/obama-twitter-chat-arctic…/

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Dr. Jill Stein is running for president

We need peace with honor. Shut down the corporate wars and reinvest in peace and productivity instead of bombs. The bottom line is peace or war. The only potential president with an offer on the table which begins with peace is Doctor Jill Stein. She can lead this nation to healing, recovery and reconstruction.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein in Roxbury, Massachusetts on July 5, 2012.In a Democracy Now! exclusive, Dr. Jill Stein officially launches her campaign as a Green Party candidate for the 2016 presidential race. “I have a people-powered campaign,” Stein notes. “I am running with the only national party that does not take corporate funding.” Stein, a physician and activist who first ran in 2012, outlines her platform. She joins the fray as the race for the Democratic Party nomination heats up. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, has emerged as Hillary Clinton’s main rival for the party’s nomination, as his poll ratings have surged in recent weeks. “Hillary is the Wal-Mart candidate. She has been a member of the Wal-Mart board. On jobs, on trade, on healthcare, on banks, on foreign policy, it is hard to find where we are similar.”

news3-1AMY GOODMAN: Today, a Democracy Now! exclusive: A new presidential candidate enters the race, and she is announcing on Democracy Now! Dr. Jill Stein was the 2012 presidential nominee for the Green Party. Your joining us here in New York. What are your plans now?

DR. JILL STEIN: Well, I’ll just say first that I am here at Democracy Now!, which is really the home of people-powered media, to announce that I have a people-powered campaign. In the same way Democracy Now! does not take corporate funding, I’m running with the only national party that does not take corporate funding. That is the Green Party. And it’s a great honor to be here at Democracy Now! to announce that I am running for president of the United States.

AMY GOODMAN: And what does that mean exactly? You’ve run once before. How do you enter the race? And what’s your platform?

DR. JILL STEIN: So, entering the race is really defined by the Federal Election Commission. It means that you have formally declared as a candidate and that, basically, you can begin to raise money as a candidate, and you must report that money. So that defines a lot of what you can do, because obviously you need resources in order to run. And as a people-powered campaign that is working towards matching funds, there are all kinds of rules that we follow to minimize those contributions and ensure that we are not bought out by the big money, which is running the other parties. And that’s essentially the difference between my campaign and other campaigns, that we are part of a party that does not accept corporate money and that does not accept money from lobbyists Jill1nor from corporate CEOs or surrogates of corporations.

So, entering the race basically means declaring and then beginning to behave and file as a candidate. For me, that means really going to frontline communities, which are struggling really with the core of the crisis that American life has become. We’ve been told we’re in a recovery, but actually we’re in an emergency—economic, social, racial, as so clear in the incredibly moving coverage that you’ve been providing of the events in Charlotte. We are in a crisis, and—

AMY GOODMAN: In Charleston.

DR. JILL STEIN: Yeah, I’m sorry, in Charleston. Yes, we are in a crisis, and it’s really critical that we recognize the dimensions of that crisis and that we have comprehensive solutions to fix it. So that’s what our platform is. It’s basically a blueprint for a system change, and we call it our Power to the People Plan, that essentially enables us to address the economic, social, racial, ecological, democratic, financial crisis that we are grappling with.

AMY GOODMAN: Your top planks in your platform?guest_stein-640x360

DR. JILL STEIN: So, our top plank really is a Green New Deal to transform our economy to a green economy, 100 percent wind, water and sun by the year 2030—we can do it; this is an emergency, and we must do it—but to use that as an opportunity to put America back to work, to renew our infrastructure and to basically assure that everyone has a job. That’s another key plank of our Power to the People Plan, that it ensures economic rights for everyone—the right to a job, the right to complete healthcare through a Medicare for All, improved Medicare-for-All plan; that we ensure the right to quality education, from preschool through college, and that includes free public higher education and abolishing student debt.

jill-stein-cleanAnd we’re also—you know, we are very focused on reforming the financial system, not only breaking up the big banks, but actually establishing public banks at the community, state and national level, so that we actually can democratize our finance. We can nationalize the Fed and ensure that it’s running for public purpose and not simply for private profit.

To provide a welcoming path to citizenship for immigrants and to restore our civil liberties, our foreign policy platform is very important. We feel that we should have a foreign policy that basically gets rebooted and established on the basis of international law, human rights and diplomacy, and that we should not be in the business of funding basically weapons for everybody who wants them, and in particular, we should not be delivering weapons systems or support of any sort to nations around the world that are human rights violators.

Bernie2AMY GOODMAN: Last month, independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont formally kicked off his campaign. He is running for the Democratic presidential nomination. Addressing his home state of Vermont, Sanders vowed to tackle income inequality and the political power of the 1 percent.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: I am proud to announce my candidacy for president of the United States of America. Today, with your support and the support of millions of people throughout our country, we begin a political revolution to transform our country economically, politically, socially and environmentally. Today, we stand here and say loudly and clearly: Enough is enough. This great nation and its government belong to all of the people and not to a handful of billionaires.

AMY GOODMAN: So, that is Bernie Sanders announcing his candidacy for the presidency in this country. Though he is a socialist, he caucuses in the Senate with the Democrats and is running on the Democratic Party ticket. Dr. Jill Stein, you’ve just announced on Democracy Now! that you’re going to pursue the presidency on a Green Party ticket. What is your response to Sanders choosing to run within the Democratic Party?

cropped-peacedovemiddle.jpgDR. JILL STEIN: I wish that he had run outside the Democratic Party. There are many similarities, obviously, between his vision and my vision. The difference is that I’m running in a party that also supports that vision, so when our campaign comes to an end, that vision will not die. It will not be absorbed back into a party that is essentially hostile to that vision and which has basically disappeared similar very principled, wonderful reform efforts within the Democratic Party that have basically allowed the party to keep marching to the right.

AMY GOODMAN: Would you have run against Bernie Sanders if he was running on a third-party ticket?

DR. JILL STEIN: If he was running as a Green, certainly we would—it’s very hard to run as a third party. You really have to undertake a massive ballot access campaign, which is extremely expensive, and it requires an enormous culture of understanding ballot access that doesn’t come easy to people. So it would be hard for him to actually run outside of the Green Party as an independent. If we were both running as Greens, you know, we would have probably been in a Green primary, which would have been wonderful.

visions4AMY GOODMAN: How many states were you on the ballot the last time you ran for president?

DR. JILL STEIN: It was approximately 37 states, but it covered about 82 to 85 percent of American voters.

AMY GOODMAN: Your response to the enormous response that Bernie Sanders is getting, whether he is campaigning in New Hampshire or Iowa, thousands of people coming out?

DR. JILL STEIN: It’s wonderful, and I wish him well. I wish him the best. The difference is that my campaign will be there in the general. And Bernie has already announced that if he does not make it—and in the Democratic Party, we’ve seen wonderful efforts—Jesse Jackson, Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton—who had extremely vigorous, spirited, visionary campaigns. It’s very hard to beat the system inside of the Democratic Party. And, you know, when those efforts ended, that was the end. Ours will keep going, and it will continue into the general election. And when it’s over, we’re building a party that’s not going away.

corporate welfareAMY GOODMAN: How do you differ most both from Bernie Sanders and from Hillary Clinton?

DR. JILL STEIN: You know, certainly I have more in common with Bernie Sanders than differences. I think if you had to look for differences, you would find them in foreign policy, where my campaign is perhaps more critical—I would say definitely more critical—of funding for regimes like that of the Netanyahu government, which are clearly war criminals. You know, so we would not be funding the weapons used in the massacre on Gaza. And I think also we put a very specific plan in order to solve the climate crisis, and that means 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2030. Perhaps Bernie will come to that; I haven’t seen that in his policies yet. These are, you know, small, big. I mean, foreign policy, I think, is big. It tends to be one issue among many, but it is the majority of our discretionary expenditures, and it’s really inseparable from all the other critical issues that we’re trying to solve.

gaza1From Hillary Clinton, you know, I’d say Hillary has a track record. And while she may be advised now by some 100 public relations experts who are helping her pitch, you know, to the fury—

AMY GOODMAN: How many are—how many are helping you? How many public relations experts?

DR. JILL STEIN: Oh, I have one insurgent public relations person.

AMY GOODMAN: But your main differences with Hillary Clinton?

DR. JILL STEIN: With Hillary, you know, I think, across the board, Hillary is the Wal-Mart candidate. Though she may change her tune a little bit, you know, she’s been a member of the Wal-Mart board. On jobs, on trade, on healthcare, on banks, on foreign policy, it’s hard to find where we are similar.

AMY GOODMAN: We only have a bit more than a minute. You are launching your campaign for the presidency of the United States at the same time that you have launched a lawsuit. Explain.

post4DR. JILL STEIN: Yes. You may remember, Amy, because your cameras were there in 2012, I was arrested, along with my running mate, at one of the debates simply for showing up, you know, to listen. I was arrested and—

AMY GOODMAN: At the presidential debate.

DR. JILL STEIN: At the presidential debate, and sent to a dark site, surrounded by 16 Secret Service and police, handcuffed tightly to metal chairs for about eight hours, until the crowds had gone home. They were that afraid that word would get out that people actually have a choice that reflects their deeply held beliefs and values.

peace-justiceSo, it’s very exciting now that I’m a part, actually, of two cases, through the Green Party or as my campaign, two cases, one of which is being filed today, the so-called leveled field case against the Commission on Presidential Debates, and also the Federal Election Commission for overseeing them, basically for violating federal election law. People think that this is a public service institution. It’s not. It is a private corporation run by the Democratic and Republican parties. When they began to take control of the debates, which are basically rigged so that only their candidates can be in it, the League of Women Voters quit, saying this was a fraud being committed on the American public, and they would have no part of it. It’s an outrage that that fraud has been allowed to continue for decades. And it was so wonderful when Democracy Now! showed the world what an open debate looks like and how exciting and engaging that is and empowering to voters. Voters deserve to know. We deserve to have open debates to empower voters to make the choices that we deserve.

And we will link to that lawsuit at Dr. Jill Stein, announcing her 2016 presidential candidacy for the Green Party on Democracy Now!
She has run once before.

cropped-pinkkarylee.jpgWhat if we could prosecute the idiots who began giving police departments inappropriate offensive military equipment in the first place? These congress members, courts officials, grand juries and other legislative and enforcement department personnel must step up to the plate. They broke the laws, did the crimes and should be expected to pay for the damages people have suffered and set things right. We can hold them accountable.

Edvard Munch-886497…/a-decisive…/

We need peace with honor. Shut down the corporate wars and reinvest in peace and productivity instead of bombs. The bottom line is peace or war. The only potential president with an offer on the table which begins with peace is Doctor Jill Stein. She can lead this nation to healing, recovery and reconstruction.…/where-do-we-go/

stein-caucus-articleInlineDr. Jill Stein is the ticket.

She has a plan for shutting down dozens of wars of choice, including the ongoing brutality in Gaza and the West Bank. It is way past time we got past the last five angry and militant men, and put a capable, professional woman (and distinguished physician) in the White House.

Dr. Jill Stein can provide the critical transition from exporting munitions, terror and war… to exporting knowledge, technology and medical and agricultural expertise… along with peace in our time.

Let’s allow her to help heal a nation in distress.

Dr. Jill Stein is endorsed for President in 2012 by Noam Chomsky, a linguist, author and activist, and by Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and war correspondent, among others. There is a reason why the sharpest political minds endorse her program. She is as real as it gets.”

The American people need to turn their backs on the corporate welfare parties and walk the talk. We need real debates among all candidates regardless of party. Real candidates will blow the corporate cons out of the water. This is why they do not want to debate issues.
We need independent, intelligent leaders with courage, vision, and values.  And we need to look to 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th parties who are not bought and paid for by the Fortune 500.

If you are tired of wage theft, slave labor and working poverty…  abandon the corporate cons and war-profiteers who have brought us twenty seven unnecessary wars, joblessness, and recession while sacrificing the peace to please munitions contractors.  It is time to stand firm.


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The Liberal Apologies for Obama’s Ugly Reign

“It is clear that, at best, U.S. ‘democracy’ is a guided one; at its worst it is a corrupt farce, amounting to manipulation, with the larger population objects of propaganda in a controlled and trivialized electoral process.”

Dancing to His Masters’ TunesThe Liberal Apologies for Obama’s Ugly Reign
(his picture, below left, is from

“Fact and Scrutiny”

So this is how Barack Obama is moving into the final 20 months of his dismal neoliberal presidency, which he once (proudly) described as ideologically akin to the Eisenhower White House. He is nauseating much of his own Wall Street-captive party’s electoral base by trying to push through the absurdly regressive, secretive, epaulstreetco-cidal, and global-corporatist Trans Pacific Partnership treaty – a massive investor rights measure that promises to reduce wages, deepen inequality, undermine popular sovereignty, and assault already endangered livable ecology in the name of (what else?) “free trade” and “growth.”

The treaty is so toxically capitalist and transparently authoritarian that even the leading right-wing corporate Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton – champions of the arch-neoliberal North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – have to keep their distance from it in accord with Mrs. Clinton’s presidential ambitions.

After going on television to childishly claim that U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s elementarily logical and evidence-based “arguments [against TPP] don’t stand the test of fact and scrutiny” (harsh if inept words for a top party colleague and ally), Obama was at first unable to persuade all but one U.S. Senate Democrat not to block his bid for “fast-track” legislation, which would grant the president to bring the TPP to an up-or-down floor vote with no amendments. A subsequent re-do secured enough sold-out Democratic votes to combine with unanimous Republican support to succeed in the upper Congressional body.

stoptpp“A Striking Piece of This President’s Environmental Legacy”

Speaking of ecological ruin, the Obama administration has just cleared the way for the giant climate-changing multinational oil corporation Royal Dutch/Shell to begin drilling for fossile fuels in the Arctic Ocean this summer. Shell got approval to drill in the U.S. portion of the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska. Shell’s leases are 70 miles out, in a remote, untouched, and pristine area that provides critical habitats for several rare species and large marine mammals. It’s a treacherous area characterized by extreme storms, likely to cause massive oil spills.

The New York Times described Obama’s decision as “a devastating blow to environmentalists.” It might have added “and to prospects for a paulstreetdecent future.” Environmental groups have long warned against the madness of drilling in the area, which holds 22 billion barrels of oil and 93 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The decision comes just four months after Obama opened up a large portion of the southern U.S. Atlantic coast to new deep-water offshore drilling, the Times notes. The national newspaper of record might have added that it comes five and half years after Obama, elected on a promise (among other things) to reduce climate change, almost singlehandedly undermined desperate international efforts to set binding limits on global carbon emissions in Copenhagen. His environmental record ever since has been calamitous, greasing the eco-cidal skids for the United States’ largely fracking-based emergence as the world’s leading oil and gas producer in the name of an “all-of-the-above” (nuclear included) energy policy and so-called national energy independence.

According to Times environmental reporter Coral Davenport, speaking on the “P”BS Newshour last Monday, the Chukchi Sea announcement “is still a very striking piece of this president’s environmental legacy,” one that has “environmental groups…surprised.”

“Every Four Years”

Edvard Munch-886497There are a number of understandable and respectable responses (horror and disgust come to mind) to these latest corporatist White House policies, but surprise is not one of them. This is precisely the capitalist Obama that a good cadre of Left activists and writers tried (none more voluminously than this writer) to warn liberals and progressives about from the beginning of the Obama phenomenon and then presidency. Like the Bill Clinton presidency but with considerable less success to a far less favorable economic and global context and to Obama’s comparative political ineptitude, the Obama administration has been (as predicted) a monument to faux-progressive corporate and Wall Street rule and to the wisdom of left historian Lawrence Shoup’s judgement in early 2008:

“Every four years many Americans put their hopes in an electoral process, hopes that a savior can be elected—someone who will make their daily lives more livable, someone who will raise wages, create well-paying jobs, enforce union rights, provide adequate health care, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, and end war and militarism. In actuality, the leading ‘electable’ presidential candidates have all been well vetted by the hidden primary of the ruling class and are tied to corporate power in multiple ways. They will stay safely within the bounds set by those who rule America behind the scenes, making sure that members of the plutocracy continue to be the main beneficiaries of the system…It is clear that, at best, U.S. ‘democracy’ is a guided one; at its worst it is a corrupt farce, amounting to manipulation, with the larger population objects of propaganda in a controlled and trivialized electoral process.”

fightback“The Republicans Made Him Do It”  …

“To Quell the Mob”  …

“Inside the 40 Yards Lines”  

They also watched as Obama moved on to pass a health insurance reform that only the big insurance and drug companies could love, kicking the popular alternative (single payer “Medicare for All”) to the curb while rushing to pass a program drafted by the Republican Heritage Foundation and first carried out in Massachusetts by his 2012 Republican opponent Mitt Romney. As Obama later explained to some of his rich friends at an event called The Wall Street Journal CEO Council a month after trouncing Romney’s bid to unseat him: “When you go to other countries, the political divisions are so much more stark and wider. Here in America, the difference between Democrats and Republicans–we’re fighting inside the 40-yard lines…People call me a socialist sometimes. But no, you’ve got to meet real socialists. (Laughter.) You’ll have a sense of what a socialist is. (Laughter.) I’m talking about lowering the corporate tax rate. My health care reform is based on the private marketplace.”

30848_bloody-warA year and a half before this tender ruling class moment, the American people had watched Obama offer the Republicans bigger cuts in Social Security and Medicare than they asked for as part of his “Grand Bargain” offered during the elite-manufactured debt-ceiling crisis of 2011

Republican “Obstruction” as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

…There’s also Thomas Frank’s important point, something I warned about in both my 2008 book and its spring 2010 sequel: the Republicans wouldn’t have had their great Tea Party movement takeover of Congress in 2010 if Obama had actually governed in accord with the progressive and populist sentiments of the mere citizenry (as I predicted he would not in my 2008 book) instead of the dictates of the nation’s corporate and financial masters.

“We Didn’t Make Him Be the Progressive He Wanted to Be”

A second liberal and “progressive” apology for Obama’s corporatism, imperialism, educsmilitarism, and eco-cidalism places the blame on the rest of us. It’s our failure, this second storyline goes. The citizenry and activists are at fault for not making Obama be the progressive, populist, environmentalist, and peace-dividend president he really wanted to be. We didn’t compel him to advance the decent, egalitarian, and ecologically sustainable policies he sincerely desired to enact by organizing and protesting from the bottom up.

This justification for Obama’s power-serving presidency is barely less idiotic than “the Republicans blocked him” excuse. It is certainly true that the U.S. “progressive movement” – if such a thing even exists now or existed in 2009 – has failed badly on numerous levels. Any such movement ought to seek to be powerful enough that it has to be taken into consideration by whoever sits in the White House and other top public offices, elected and otherwise. There isn’t much to say for progressive efforts along those lines in the Age of Obama, with some partial exceptions.

Still, there are two critical flaws in this rationalization. The first problem, shared with the “blame the Republicans” narrative, is the silly idea (revealingly shared with the Teapublican “insurgency”) of Obama as a left-leaning politician who wanted to do good progressive, populist, social-democratic, and peaceful things. Any remotely serious investigation of the real Obama and his career (what I undertook in my 2008 volume) would have revealed someone very different: a “deeply conservative” agent and servant of American Empire and Inequality, Inc. masquerading (like fellow arch-neoliberal Bill Clinton in 1992) as a man of the people – an old and deadly character (with a tantalizing racial twist fit for the post-Civil Rights era in Obama’s case) at the long duplicitous heart of U.S. political culture.

unionsThe second flaw is that the Obama administration and Democratic Party operatives and elective officials across the country have worked diligently precisely to destroy left progressive movements through a combination of repression and co-optation. Take the Occupy Movement, a populist uprising against the bipartisan corporate and financial oligarchy in the late summer and fall of 2011. It was crushed by a coordinated federal campaign of surveillance, infiltration, and violent assault, with the lion’s share of the repression carried out by Democrat-run city governments across the country. At the same time, Obama and other corporate Democrats did everything they could to steal and incorporate Occupy’s populist message in their fake-progressive campaign against the former “equity capitalist” Mitt Romney and other “1 percenter Republicans” in the 2012 elections.

poem-truth-casino-inconvenient-truth2“Read a book,” an old Marxist history professor of mine used to tell students: “you might learn something.” U.S. liberals and progressives might want to read up on recent American political history. They might learn something about how they’ve been manipulated by Democratic politicians and presidents again and again and decide to invest their hopes and energies in a different kind of more genuinely progressive and democratic politics beneath and beyond the big money-big media-major party-mass-marketed-candidate-centered presidential “electoral extravaganzas” that are staged as “yet another method for marginalizing the population” (Noam Chomsky, October 27, 2004) once every four years.

Paul Street’s latest book is They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy (Paradigm, 2014)

Here is the original article:

Paul Street is an independent researcher, journalist, historian, author and speaker based in Iowa City and Chicago. He is the author of seven books to date: They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy (Paradigm, 2014); The Empire’s New Clothes: Barack Obama in the Real World of Power (Paradigm, 2010); Crashing the Tea Party: Mass Media and the Campaign to Remake American Politics (Paradigm, 2011, co-written with Anthony DiMaggio); Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics (Paradigm, 2008); Racial Oppression in the Global Metropolis: A Living Black Chicago History ( Rowman & Littlefield, 2007); Empire and Inequality: America and the World Since 9/11 (Paradigm, 2004); Segregated Schools: Educational Apartheid in the Post-Civil Rights Era(Routledge, 2005)

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Obama want’s to be your Big Brother

A.P. Scandal Raises Spectre of Big Brother


If the three-strikes
rule were in effect,
President Obama would be heading for the dugout, bat in hand. First the alleged Benghazi cover-up, then the kerfuffle about the I.R.S. targeting conservative groups, and now the revelation that earlier this year the Justice Department secretly seized two months of phone records involving editors and reporters at the Associated Press.

Among the many questions that the phone-records story raises are these two very basic ones: What were they thinking? And who, precisely, were they?

Get the whole skinny:
Above: Attorney General Eric Holder testifies in front of the House Appropriations Committee in April. Photograph by Win McNamee/Getty.

bb2The New York Times reported today that the FBI is preparing to propose legislation to the Obama Administration that would require Internet service providers (including software makers like Skype) to build in “backdoors” so that any communication between people can be monitored by the government. Xeni Jardin on BoingBoing has a good link roundup to articles on the proposed “wiretapping.”

Currently, we can send encrypted messages and can — with effort — communicate in private. If everything that exists on the net and hosted or available in the U.S. were required to build in tools to block encryption, this would destroy the possibility of private communication. It would put a huge burden on Internet and software providers to build those extra doors into their communication services. It would also mean that those back doors could be exploited by hackers who want to steal people’s data. It’s like requiring that nothing can be locked up in a secure way, and everything online has to be built with a weakness.…

“Ed03_thomas_jeffersonucate and inform the whole mass of the people…
They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

—Thomas Jefferson

Time For A New American Revolution?

bigbrother1The USA is reeling today from the explosive discovery that the Obama administration has been spying on all Verizon phone customers by surveilling their phone usage on a daily basis for the last several years. This is a wholesale, routine spy surveillance program that has “Big Brother” written all over it. It was first exposed by The Guardian which has published the secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all phone call data on an “ongoing, daily basis.”

domestic-spying-drone-cartoonAs the Guardian writes:

Under the Obama administration the communication records of millions of US citizens are being collected indiscriminately and in bulk — regardless of whether they are suspected of any wrongdoing.

The NSA is secretly listening to phone calls and surveilling bank accounts, emails and web surfing behavior. Giggling deniers have routinely referred to all this as a “conspiracy theory” while deriding those who warned about all this as “tin foil hat” wearing people or even promoters of “hate speech.”


132946_600As it turns out, the government really is spying on all your phone calls, emails and other records. The NSA routinely records everything you do even though such actions are blatantly illegal under federal law. Every time the NSA taps your mobile phone (which happens every day, we now know), they are committing a felony crime. But no one is stopping them. And why? Because the government itself has become a lawless criminal operation that answers to no one.

Obama admits it’s all true

Obama himself admitted the wholesale surveillance of Verizon phone users is taking place. Yes, the NSA is vacuuming up all phone records on an ongoing, daily basis, completely outside of law. But “it’s a good thing,” Obama insists.

Learn more:

“In the years leading up to the 2008 campaign and in the early stages of the campaign 2012-12-14T202943Z_204413845_GM1E8CF0CF101_RTRMADP_3_USA-SHOOTING-CONNECTICUTitself, Obama regularly emphasized the importance of civil liberties and the sanctity of the Constitution.”

“I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our Constitution and our freedom. That means no more illegal wiretapping of American citizens. No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime. No more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war. No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient,” Obama said in 2007, adding that “the FISA court works.”

dp7“By summer 2008, with the Democratic nomination secured and the White House now a real possibility, Mr. Obama voted for legislation essentially ratifying Mr. Bush’s surveillance programs.

“The changes to FISA in 2008 essentially legalized warrantless wiretapping that had been going on,” according to Molly Bishop Shadel, an expert in foreign intelligence law at the University of Virginia School of Law, she went on to say, “Congress expanded
the scope of FISA even though it knew or should have known that the NSA had done something questionable,” she said.

occupy“No substantial legislative oversight has been added to the Patriot Act since Obama took over the White House.

Obama signed a five-year extension of the FISA Amendments Act in December 2012. The Senate rejected amendments that would have required intelligence agencies to report more information about their work to Congress.”

“After denouncing his predecessor’s warrantless wiretapping, Obama presided over the construction of a surveillance state more expansive than any democracy has ever known. What he hid includes documented violations of the Fourth Amendment.”

peace-justiceAnd the so-called reforms he urged to satiate the public are a cynical farce. The Obama administration hasn’t merely violated the law in its failure to prosecute what the president and attorney general acknowledge to be illegal torture. It has also suppressed a still-unreleased Senate report about that torture and done nothing to prevent the next president from restarting “enhanced interrogation.”

The Obama administration continues to wage the most costly, ruinous war in the modern era: the War on Drugs. Obama did not try and fail to end the drug war. He didn’t even try.

When the Obama administration kills innocent people in a drone strike, it does not acknowledge its mistake, apologize, or compensate the family, nor does it articulate how it will prevent such tragedies in the future. Instead, the president just keeps quiet. He suppresses the number of innocents killed, preventing anyone outside the executive branch from judging the effectiveness or morality of drone policy. He invokes the state-secrets doctrine to keep the courts from judging whether he is violating the Constitution.
And he hides even his own team’s legal reasoning.

poem-truth-casino-inconvenient-truth2Obama took two actions that set extremely dangerous precedents: He established a secret kill list, put the name of an American citizen on that list, and ordered his execution by drone strike without charges or trial or any due process. And he waged a war of choice in Libya without permission from Congress.

Under Obama, the national-security state is out of control. Set aside his policies, whatever you think about them. This is a president who let his director of national intelligence, James Clapper, lie in sworn testimony to Congress without consequences. His CIA director, John Brennan, presided over surveillance of Senate Intelligence Committee operations, also without consequence.

educsCompared to his predecessors, Obama has been extremely aggressive in his persecution of whistleblowers and journalists who’ve worked with whistleblowers.”

“The N.S.A.’s collecting of data looks a lot like what Facebook does, but it is fundamentally different. It inverts the crucial legal principle of probable cause: the government may not seize or inspect private property or information without evidence of a crime. The N.S.A. contends that it needs haystacks in order to find the terrorist needle. Its definition of a haystack is expanding; there are indications that, under the auspices of the “business records” provision of the Patriot Act, the intelligence community is now trying to assemble databases of financial transactions and cell-phone location information. Feinstein maintains that data collection is not surveillance. But it is no longer clear if there is a distinction.”


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ISIS and the CIA: Attack and Exploit for the Corporate Bottom Line

“Through terrifying headlines and shocking videos, ISIS is being used as a tool to justify war in the Middle East and to cause fear and panic worldwide. No, this is not a “crazy conspiracy theory”, it is simply the oldest trick in the book.

ISIS was created by the very forces that are fighting it.


“Through terrifying headlines and shocking videos, ISIS is being used as a tool to justify war in the Middle East and to cause fear and panic worldwide. No, this is not a “crazy conspiracy theory”, it is simply the oldest trick in the book.” 

ISIS was created by the very forces that are fighting it.

Ever since the creation of democratic nations – where public opinion somewhat matters – the political class is favisions1ced with a dilemma: War is needed to gain power, riches, and control, but the general public has a tendency to be against it. What to do? The answer was found decades ago and is still used successfully today:

Create an enemy so terrifying that the masses will beg their government to go to war.

This is why ISIS exists. This is why the beheading videos are so “well-produced” and publicized worldwide through mainstream media. This is why news sources regularly come up with alarmist headlines about ISIS. They are used to serve the best interests of the world elite. The current objectives are: Sway public opinion to favor the invasion of countries in the Middle East, provide a pretext for “coalition” intervention across the world, and manufacture a domestic threat that will be used to take away rights and increase surveillance. In short, ISIS is yet another instance of cia-manufactured_terrorismthe age-old tactic of creating a terrifying enemy to scare the masses.

“Moreover, as America becomes an increasingly multi-cultural society, it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived  direct external threat.”
– Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard

here is the rest of the story…


“…Meanwhile, Daesh, ISIS, ISIL, IS – or whatever its name – broke away from al-Qaeda to become the definitive regional, and even global threat.

Its pornographic barbarity provided a new bloodier banner for al-Qaeda affiliates throughout the region, with a prime real estate location to erect a whole new caliphate on Syrian and Iraqi soil.

In the process, the rise of ISIL gave a whole new momentum to American and Iranian interventionism in the greater Middle East.

ISIL replaced al-Qaeda as the newest  pretext for pre-emptive and revenge air strikes, redeployments, war, and occupation.

Thanks to ISIL, the main losers of the Arab Spring emerged as the new hegemons.

Moreover, ISIL became the alibi or the justification for all regional warmongers to carry any atrocities.”



These avoidable wars cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives to enrich billionaires who pay no taxes and steal the taxes we pay.  Wars of choice (the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump agenda) will absolutely bankrupt the nation before 2030.  

The American people will see a frenzied retreat:  U. S. Military forces scrambling to disengage from 800 bases in more than 136 nations where we now  wage at least 27 wars of unprovoked aggression against nations and people who did not attack us.  

We have become the terror.

mynzahosiris.wordpress.comWe could  shut down corporate wars and rebuild the nation. The seas of Earth are demonstrably rising. These waters will erode our shores and submerge nuclear reactors, further polluting dying oceans on a wounded planet.  Science fiction, facts and fear have brought us to this precipice and we have choices to make.

At this fatal and delicate conjunction, time is not on our side.

Tim Flanagan,

What if . . .  the CIA and ISIS . . .  with Alice in Wonderland

by Jerry Anderson

  •  visions4Trying to discern the true nature of the CIA and its secret operations is like going down the rabbit-hole.  It’s like Alice in Wonderland.  Like sitting down at table with the evil Queen of Hearts — the Mad Hatter, the Jack of Diamonds, the Cheshire Cat — and the rest of her crazy court.  Patriotically, we Americans want to think of this fraternity of spies as our White Knights —  champions for freedom, justice and the American way.  But it’s hard to square the country’s ideals with agency’s past and present practices.  This is an organization that has been in bed (quite comfortably) with some of the modern era’s worst dictators, rogues and tyrants.  Always for a good cause of course.  The same bunch who tried to kill Fidel Castro with an educsexploding cigar — who delivered us the Bay of Pigs fiasco, who were caught totally off guard when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, who had no clue about the genocide in Bosnia/Herzegovina, and who — following 9/11 — water-boarded, tortured and killed Guantanamo prisoners. (read the latest Congressional report) to extract under duress false confessions and other useless data that provided no reliable or actionable intelligence information, at least according to the committee that conducted the investigation.  I hate to be the one to tell you — but these aren’t the good guys folks.  No one in the upper echelon at Langly wears a white hat.

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High rate of Obama deportations!

High rate of deportations continue under Obama despite Latino disapproval.

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