Don’t get fooled again!

War is not the answer… and never has been.
Obama, instead of following the rule of law, the constitution, international law, and treaties we have signed, committed multiple war crimes in bombing the people of Syria and nine other nations who did not attack us. He should have been impeached.

Assad did not use chemical weapons. We had no reason to attack his regime, killing innocents, destroying homes and abusing an already crippled nation.  Obama was never in charge of Syria.  In bombing that nation, Obama qualifies as a demonstrable war criminal. Barack bombed ten sovereign nations and attacked 27 nations who did not attack us.  We were the aggressor enforcing corporate extraction.  

No previous president has unleashed this amount of violence since World War Two.
When Barack Obama bombed Syria, this sent a message that he feels he is above the law and human life has no value. Bombing victims is no answer.

War for profit is never the answer. Commercial war is a surrender to violence which kills many more than those killed by rebels we supplied with chemical weapons.

The most horrid thing, is after the rebels used chemical weapons, Obama rewarded them. The Serin attacks WERE NOT PERPETRATED BY ASSAD!!!  Why do so many, including our president, choose to ignore this established fact?    What kind of a message is this to send?

We are the richest and most powerful nation on earth. The “choice” was never to either bomb the hell out of the rebels… or bomb the hell out of the military. This is pure logical fallacy:  a false choice. We have the power, united under the auspices of the UN, in concert with Great Britain, Russia, and all our allies, to implement and enforce ceasefires instead of provoking and fueling  wars for profit.

Either Obama was “naive” and did whatever  corporate sponsors suggest, or he is a neo-con at heart. Obama allowed the CIA and Pentagon to start 31 avoidable wars.  Rather than allowing another corporate war, we should have removed Obama and secured the peace.

We can export peace instead of war. Do not believe the lies of the corporate press and the military-industrial complex. These profiteers are not on your side.  It is wake-up time. 

nowarsyria2Tell your legislators we do not want to attack other nations when it is within our power to secure a victory in peace instead of a cowardly surrender to war for profit.   Do not get fooled again.

History speaks but one must listen. Think beyond the corporate cover stories and discover facts and options for peace, life and reconstruction instead of war, death and destruction.

“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”

Emma Goldman


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