Regime Change for the corporate bottom line is a bad idea

onemorethingThe problem in Syria is the United States bombing a variety of targets, creating more enemies and making life more dangerous. We need for our trigger-happy presidents to stand down and let congress declare war or not. This is how the founders of this nation envisioned this process. Obama has taken it upon himself to bomb first and ask questions later. Trump continues with this insanity. A responsible congress would hold them accountable or impeach them for incompetence and malfeasance. Obama was publicly boasting at one time that he had bombed 7 nations (and eventually 10) who posed no real threat.  These are war crimes.  And under Trump these expanding wars have continued. 

(Obama is the same president who described shooting an unarmed man in the forehead and dropping his body overboard is “justice.”)  This is not a football game. These are wars created by CIA and Pentagon destabilization efforts. The USA needs to butt out and stop dropping bombs. “Saving Syria” by bombing the hell out of it is not working. We need responsible and accountable leaders. Chump Trump is even more dangerous than Obama.

“ISIL replaced al-Qaeda as the new pretext for pre-emptive and revenge air strikes, redeployment, war, and occupation. Thanks to ISIL, the main losers of the Arab Spring emerged as the new hegemons. Moreover, ISIL became the alibi or the justification for all regional warmongers to carry any atrocities.”

rest of story:…/isis-the-cia…/

fightback“Nothing better illustrates the bankruptcy of the Obama administration’s foreign policy than funding groups that turn on the U.S. again and again, a neo-con fueled cycle of profits for war-makers and destruction of ever-shifting “enemies.”

The facts can’t be refuted: ISIS was born of Western intervention in Iraq,  covert action in Syria and unprovoked wars in 25 other (mostly Muslim) nations.

This Frankenstein-like experiment of arming the alleged freedom-seeking Syrian opposition created the monster that roams the region. ISIS and the U.S. have a curious relationship — mortal enemies that, at the same time, benefit from some of the same events,”

Thick smoke from an airstrike by the US-led coalition rises in Kobani, Syria, as seen from a hilltop on the outskirts of Suruc, at the Turkey-Syria border, Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014. (Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

By Zeina Karam, Associated Press
By Zeina Karam, Associated Press

American and transnational corporate contractors are running the show. Regime change in Iraq and now regime change in Syria are about munitions sales. This remains the bottom line.

Here is the real story:

US leads airstrike attack on Islamic State in eastern Syria

Here is the cover story:

Turkish warplanes bomb ISIS positions in Syria…/middle…/turkey-syria-isis-violence/

war-is-moneyWho profits? Follow the money….

“Stock prices for Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman set all-time record highs last week as it became increasingly clear that President Obama was committed to a massive, sustained air war in Iraq and Syria.

It’s nothing short of a windfall for these and other huge defense contractors, who’ve been getting itchy about federal budget pressures that threatened to slow the rate of increase in military spending.

Now, with U.S. forces literally blowing through tens of millions of dollars of munitions a day, the industry is not just counting on vast spending to replenish inventory, but hoping for a new era of reliance on supremely expensive military hardware.”

resistSo where do we go from here?

We did not “drift” into ongoing conflicts (at levels varying between attacks, invasions, occupation, destabilization and boots on the ground.

American aggression for extraction, exploitation and extortion which began under Obama… continues to expand under Trump: these avoidable conflicts include Bombings, Drones, Other (CIA & Pentagon mercenaries) in Afghanistan, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gaza, Gulf of Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Tunesia, Uganda, Ukraine, the West Bank,
& Yemen. More than 27 Wars of Aggression


We can choose a different path.

Surrendering to fear with endless wars is untenable. We can embrace courage and secure a sustainable peace

“Those who insist on pretending we only can choose between Democrats and Republicans president steinmust learn how to think outside the corporate box. We have 36 years of evidence that unending war is not the answer.

Either sitting on the couch and hoping for change or only focusing on local issues while ignoring trillions spent killing millions are NOT solutions.

We must keep our eyes on the prize and vote values instead of fears. We can secure the peace and demand justice. Too much hangs in the balance to straddle the fence, vote for lesser evils… or lose hope and surrender.”

It is time to make a change. Avoidable and unnecessary wars must not continue.


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