Chomsky wrong on JFK, Bernie & Vietnam

Chomsky chooses to ignore the fact that John Kennedy called for the removal of all troops and advisers from Vietnam and was assassinated within a month.

Lies, JJ Cale

Chomsky also chooses to ignore the discrepancies in the Warren Commission’s misrepresentations. And he flat out lies about the JFK assassination.

Chomsky supports the lies the government told us about the 9/11 attacks.

And Chomsky is also wrong in supporting pro-war Bernie Sanders.


“Chomsky generally analyzes internationalchomsky

relations from a geopolitical power point of view.

–he sees states as self- interested actors doing their best to improve their position, and has little time for political rhetoric designed to obfuscate that self-interest.

It’s a useful tool to use when analyzing politics, but I’ve increasingly felt that it has its limits.”


“As a linguist, he is a genius, on par with Einstein or Hawking in his chosen field. As a political analyst, I outgrew him some 5 years after college. Whatever gifts he has as a linguist only serve him in some kind of quasi-autistic-like capacity in sociopolitical analysis. After awhile, the formula becomes pat – he is a one-note song. You could practically write noam-chomsky-2014-22realism-national-interest-and-the-israel-lobby22_converted_scruberthumbnail_4your own Chomsky Mad Libs based on this formula. It is certainly true that the U.S. is far from the good guys in white hats caricature drawn by most of the Right and the neocons, but he makes a fetish out of his contrarian deconstruction, to the point where the U.S. (and/or Israel) is the only abuser of power, the only hypocrite, the only nation committing human rights abuses.

This plays perfectly into the Right-wing lie that all Leftists are knee-jerk Beauty-of-night-moonlight-picture-poetic-art-imageanti-Americans or always critical of America. Chomsky is not anti-American, and not always critical of America, but he plys that turf enough to sell books and excite his fan base. His intellect gives him a pass that most would not have the luxury otherwise. To his credit, he is genuinely brilliant, and not a moronic demagogue like Limbaugh or Beck. Still, he is a one-trick pony, no matter how eloquent and pointed his arguments.”

~Laurin Suiter

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