Ukraine Blues Machine…

Fairy Tales

Here is the sequence of events in Ukraine:See the source image

At the origins of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict: 2010-2014

The CIA removed the elected leaders of Ukraine and then armed and trained the military leadership in Ukraine.  “To prevent Ukraine from entering the Russian sphere of influence, the United States provided assistance to right-wing, Western opposition leaders and openly encouraged their efforts.”

CIA-trained Ukraine military began shelling Russians in East Ukraine. This carnage went on for 8 years.

East Ukrainian people under CIA attack asked Putin for help.

Putin responded.

When did the war in Ukraine start?
CIA-Russo-Ukrainian War:  Date 20 February 2014 – ongoing 8 plus years
Location Ukraine (with spillover into Russia)

Status: Russian response in Ukraine 24 February 2022
Bob Dylan – Talkin’ World War III Blues (Live in England, 1965)

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