Join us in Atlanta 9/25-9/27 to End the Occupation!


Join us in Atlanta 9/25-9/27! 

       In less than a month, hundreds of people will be gathering in Atlanta for the US Campaign’s 14th Annual Conference:Advancing a Mass Movement for Palestine.
It is important to have people supporting Palestinian rights by coming together to advance this work in support of freedom, justice, and equality.
This year will be especially powerful as our program grows and reflects the solidarity between struggles against oppression and commitment to fighting racism here and abroad.  We have achieved a great deal in the past 10 years and will continue to call for BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions).
ou will not regret joining us in Atlanta next month. Register today!
While there is much to celebrate, we know we have to do more. Palestinians continue to suffer due to Israel’s denial of their rights. Too many are living under military occupation, facing apartheid policies and remain under siege. We must continue to build this movement to bring freedom and justice for all. You can take part by coming to the conference.
If you want to support the conference but cannot make it, please donate today to help others attend. We want to make sure everyone who wants to come has the opportunity.  
Hope to see you in Atlanta!

Ramah Kudaimi
PS– The Rasmea Odeh Defense Committee is calling on people across the country to join in the Week of Justice for Rasmea! September 8-14. This week of action will build and help mobilize
for Rasmea’s court appeal in Cincinnati, OH in the fall.

Rasmea, a Palestinian American community leader based in Chicago,
has spent the past two years fighting U.S. government persecution,
the latest example of efforts to stifle Palestine organizing.
Find action ideas and more here.

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