A Premeditated Execution: Keaton Otis


March Vigil for Keaton Otis
Tuesday, March 12, 2019

  • Join us..

    Tuesday, March 12, 2019

  •  Right where Keaton was executed
    NE 6th and NE Halsey

This is a monthly vigil for justice deferred…. 


 The Keaton Otis Portal


“Three tasers had each been fired twice at him through the open windows of the Toyota — at least one appears to have made contact with his flesh, penetrating his right forearm. Two paramedics both reported burns to the back of his neck and his father, Fred Bryant, also witnessed a serious burn wound to the back of his head when he viewed the body of his son, as well as gun-shot wounds to his hands and forearms.”



“Enhanced video of the shooting reveals Keaton Otis clearly shouting “I’ve got my hands up…” an officer shouts “let’s do it…” There then follows a seven-second barrage of 32 shots.

Keaton Otis was shot 23 times. The autopsy finds seven bullets still inside his body. Nine bullets missed.”

Justice for Keaton
Officers got two weeks paid vacation and a get out of jail free card.
These police executions continue.
“None of the independent witnesses report seeing Keaton Otis fire a gun. None of the officers who shot Keaton Otis saw the gun… indeed, they all specifically denied seeing any gun¹⁵.  No evidence has been presented that Keaton Otis ever had any link to the gun¹⁶.”
This is a video of the fifth annual memorial for Keaton. (from 2015) Walidah Imarisha and others honor Keaton and his father, Fred Bryant, who passed away in 2013.
“Witnesses say Keaton Otis appealed for help — “don’t leave… they’re gonna kill me”¹¹ — as officers lined up along one side of his car.
Witnesses¹² tell of him being punched in the face through the car window, of the officers not letting him out of the car¹². Video of the killing shows cars and a motorcyclist still driving by just feet away after the seven-second-long barrage.

Within minutes Portland’s most notorious police officers — with prior, proven histories of violence against innocent, mostly black, Portlanders — and close associates of the HEAT officers have converged on the scene, taking control of the car, the body and evidence… and arguing to keep out the rival Strategic Emergency Response Team¹³.


Later they claim Keaton Otis had opened fire first and shot an officer in the thigh. An hour after all the mayhem, a gun — stolen in 2006 but never reported — was found sitting on the driver’s seat. No bullet cases from the two shots Keaton Otis allegedly fired were found. ¹⁴.

The Keaton Otis Portal at The Portland Alliance



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