The Never-ending Story about Donald…

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Donald Trump is more than venal, crude and mean. And this is far from the end of Mr. Donald John Trump.

D. J. the delusional narcissist, actually thought his mafia lawyer would lie for him. This proves Trump is flat stupid, but 36% of America (the racists, sexists and war-mongers) support the fool.


Only 18% of America supported Donald when 26% of the voters put him in office.
Now 36% are supporting racism, misogyny, and unprovoked wars.

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I do not see it as likely that Trump will be leaving office until 2024… if then.



Trump could resign. It’s clear he isn’t interested in the work and is unhappy with the way he is treated by the press, the Congress, the courts, and foreign leaders. But Trump has had many opportunities to pull out, especially during the campaign, and never took them. His pride would seem to prevent him from resigning.


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That means until at least the end of 2020, the situation will remain much as it is, with a president widely acknowledged to be dysfunctional and no way to change that.

It is as though the United States is stumbling, never quite falling on its face but never fully righting itself, either, caught perpetually mid-stumble. The only certainty is more weeks like this one. There is no exit.


If you think two more years of Trump in the White House sounds like a nightmare, imagine having late-night Oval Office tweets for another decade, or even longer.

Those who still support either of the war parties are not paying close enough attention.

We have a thug in charge. Donald is  OK with dismembering live journalists and waging dozens of wars for extraction, exploitation and extortion.  On our dime and with our lives.



Here at home, Trump brutalizes those who seek asylum (while escaping from  American aggression). Don tortures their children and makes a fool of himself-embracing fascism with prison camps and thousands of abused children.   


Obama, the Democrat, took us from 4 Republican wars into 30 expanding wars. images

The Green Party has the only vetted plan on the table: for peace, people and planet.



The demise of the United States as the global superpower will come far more quickly than anyone imagines. A realistic assessment of domestic and global trends suggests that in 2025, just 7 years from now, it will be over except for the shouting.


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