Spring Issue of The Portland Alliance 

Vol. XXXIX, Number 2    March 31st, 2019     Spring Issue of The Portland Alliance

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ThePortlandAlliance.org/police  PDX Police Update

Poetics: http://www.theportlandalliance.org/poetry     Featured Poet: Mimi German


http://www.theportlandalliance.org/truthout:  Trump’s Wall Is a Symbol With a Long and Toxic History


Featured this issue:  Burnside Field Lizard and Selected Stories, by Theresa Kennedy-DuPay

Lots of Poetry!    www.theportlandalliance.org/poetry

Featured Poet is Mimi German  Will be an update in April! 

Here is her page:  ThePortlandAlliance.org/mimi

Jan Underwood:  After Disembarking / Before Departure

ThePortlandAlliance.org/MaryOtte  New Poetry from  Mary Ought Six

Two Poems by Walidah       Walidah Imarisha



Living in America,
sometimes makes me think
I live in a luxurious concentration camp.
I can have anything I want as long as I obey certain rules.

Accepting Submissions!

Breaking News

How Privatization Perverts Education

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Drone Killing the Fifth Amendment: How to Build a Post-Constitutional America One Death at a Time

Read the Article at TomDispatch

Excessive Radiation Levels Detected at New Mexico Waste Site

Read the Article at Reuters


Hands off Venezuela! No Coup, No Sanctions, No War

Protest US aggression against Venezuela

All out on March 30 in Portland, OR


Oregon sole ‘sanctuary’ jurisdiction not getting Justice Department grants

Despite threats, other areas receiving grants

The week of March 30 to April 7
is a gathering of war makers in Washington DC.
They must be opposed!

No to NATO, War & Racism! No War on Venezuela! Join a major demonstration in front of the White House on March 30


Meta Gala: Things Take Shape

April 6, 2019       5:30 PM   /   PICA – 15 NE Hancock St. Portland, OR


A Primer on Expanding American Wars: These 30 unprovoked wars for extraction, exploitation and extortion are not featured on the Front Pages of Mainstream Media, but this does not make them disappear.

Veterans Resist U.S. Coup in Venezuela

Veterans For Peace is outraged at the unfolding coup d’etat in Venezuela, which is clearly being orchestrated by the U.S. government.

 http://www.ThePortlandAlliance.org/vfp      Portland, OR


Former U.N. Expert:
America is Violating International Law by Attempting  Venezuelan Coup

TPA Common Dreams Portal!

Open Letter by Over 70 Scholars and Experts Condemns
US-Backed Coup Attempt in Venezuela

“For the sake of the Venezuelan people, the region, and for the principle
of national sovereignty, these international actors should instead support
negotiations between the Venezuelan government and its opponents.

Veterans For Peace: No Troops to the Border!


Veterans For Peace strongly condemns the recent announcement
that up to 15,000 active duty military personnel may be
sent to the U.S. southern border.

Stand Up! Live Better!   Portland Jobs With Justice…           

NW Alliance Portal: to Counterpunch

Sanctions of Mass Destruction:  America’s War on Venezuela

by GARIKAI CHENGU  Illustration by Nathaniel St. Clair

Mic Crenshaw Portal at the Alliance     http://www.ThePortlandAlliance.org/crenshaw

https://youtu.be/tfWR0iQTQts?list=RDtfWR0iQTQts    Afrikan Hiphop Caravan Blog

Mic Crenshaw continues traveling with the Caravan: a transformative experience for everyone!

Justice for Keaton Otis Portalkeatonotis1


    •  Keaton Otis Vigil

      · Hosted by Justice For Keaton Otis  APR12  Fri6:00 PM /

    • Join a vigil for Keaton Otis….  and thousands of others murdered by police Friday, April 12, 2019 at 6 PM – 8 PM PDT  
      NE 6th and NE Halsey, Portland, Oregon

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A Scientist Who Resisted Trump Administration Censorship of Climate Report Just Lost Her Job:  “I wouldn’t do anything different, but Jesus, this is stressful.”


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