Buddy Holly… at the IPRC Library, zoo and gardens…

6 ways that writing is like gardening – 2squarewriting

Writing, Editing and Gardening…


I fed and watered Shylow the dog, 11 cats, one turkey, one terkel, two New Jersey Reds… washed dishes, did laundry, worked on the chicken coop and did some organizing and cleaning in the kitchen and reading room. Straightened up the entryway some.

Shylow, my service dog 😉

Louis Armstrong – Royal Garden Blues

A good day:  worked downstairs and outside planting watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, sunflowers, Cosmos, Valley Green Dill, American Dill, American Daisies, Morning Glories, Chives, Marigolds, Heavenly Blue Morning Glories, Cayenne Pepper, Grand Bell Pepper Mix, Lavender, Serrano Chili Peppers, Snap Dragons, Petunia, Shasta Daisy, Sweet William, Radishes, Semi-dwarf Zinnias, Roma and organic tomatoes.

Branford Marsalis – Royal Garden Blues

Also moved two Red Raspberry starters up to the kitchen and reading room.

People Get Ready

Raspberry Care Instructions

Tomorrow will be planting flats downstairs including Two packs Heavenly Blue Morning Glories, Habanero Peppers, Roma Tomatoes, Grand Bell Peppers, Cantaloupe, Pumpkins, Mammoth Russian Sunflowers and a pepper mix including Anaheim, Cayenne, Jalapeno, Santa Fe Grand, medicinals and Serrano Tampiqueno

Sonny Boy Williamson I – Springtime Blues

In May, when it warms up enough for outdoors seed planting ( around March 25th, National Asparagus Day)…
I will put in Bird and Butterfly Wildflower blend, California Poppy, Cosmos, Perennial Mix, Wildflower Mix, Alaska Peas, Sweet Peas, American Cilantro, Ferry Morse Coriander,
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, and Blue lake Garden Beans.

Lemar – Mayday (New)

Will also stop by the local nursery again and pickup raspberry starters, sunflowers, pumpkins, sweet corn starters, pansies, petunias, strawberries, blueberries and whatever else I stumble across.

Cootie Williams – Blue Garden Blues

Pansies: Why the Arboretum Looks Beautiful Even During the Deepest Cold -  Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden Blog

The existing gardens provide regular roses, tulips, lily, pumpkins, sunflowers, iris, Johnny Jump ups, oriental poppies, onions, rhubarb, bluebells, pansies, morning-glories, dandy-lions, dianthus, violas and other assorted wildflowers…


T-Bone Walker: Flower Blues

Am enjoying retirement…

Joy and Blues – Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

Lets discuss the history debate – The Garnet Minehttps://youtu.be/9mDGcxbAusg

When I was six,
Buddy Holly & The Crickets performed
“That’ll Be The Day”
on the Ed Sullivan Show
on December 1st, 1957. 

The rest is history… 


Van Morrison – Bring It On Home To Me (Live At Porchester Hall, London / 2017)  

The Wordsmith Collection: Writing & Creative Arts


Please support Alternative Media and Education




and other real news resources…peace5

Together we make a difference.

“There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.”

~Albert Camus


Thanks for all you do.

Join the Revolution! 

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