Why can’t Portland Oregon cops obey the law?

Why can’t we get police to obey the law in Oregon?Image

Woman, 25, shot and killed by police after Salem traffic stop – what happened?


Off Duty Portland Cop Kills Man at Front Door / DA Refuses Grand Jury on August Shooting; Oregon Area Cops Continue to Shoot

mike3We only have one Portland shooting incident to report on for this four-month period: off-duty Sgt. Gregory Stewart (#32025) shot and killed Jeffrey Dean Turpin, 42, outside Stewart’s Scappoose home on October 5. Sadly, another person in psychological crisis needed help and instead ended up dead at the hands of law enforcement. Sadder still, six Scappoose police officers and two St. Helens officers had been following Turpin around for 40 minutes, talking to him and keeping him from shooting himself with his own gun. When Turpin made the mistake of pounding on a random door that had a Portland policeman behind it, he ended up dead.

educsPDX Police Updates: Child abuse? Incredible stupidity?
9-year-old led away in handcuffs by Portland police prompts outrage, push for policy changes

Two uniformed Portland police officers showed up at the home of a 9-year-old girl last May, questioned her on the front porch about a fight at a youth club six days earlier, then handcuffed her as she stood in a blue-and-white bathing suit.


No New Leads on Fatal Shooting
by Oregon State Trooper
Thursday killing was the second by an Oregon State Trooper during traffic stops last week
– and the fourth this year.
Lisa Loving Of The Skanner News
September 05, 2013
Witnesses to Silva Death
say Police Are
Covering Up the Truth!
Latino Rebels Portal:
more information:

A Multnomah County jury ruled that the city of Portland must pay a 27-year-old man nearly $306,000 after police used a stun gun and pepper spray on him, punched him and dog-piled on top of him before they unlawfully
arrested him for criminally trespassing on a downtown sidewalk.

2010-April, 2014

heartlessCompiled by Portland Copwatch.

Last updated December 18, 2015


Michael Gregory Johnson, 51, male, European American      11/6/15      Shooting death

David James Ellis, 55, male, European American      7/5/15      Shooting

Alan Lee Bellew, 29, male, European American      6/28/15      Shooting Death

Michael Shawn Harrison, 47, male, European American      5/17/15      Shooting

Christopher Ryan Healy, 36, male, European American, houseless       3/22/15      Shooting Death

Ryan Matthew Sudlow, 31, male, European American      2/17/15      Shooting (no hits)

Denorris Laron McClendon, 27, male, African American      9/1/14      Shooting

Nicholas Glendon Davis, 23, male, European American, houseless       6/12/14      Shooting death

Paul Alan Ropp, 20, male, European American      4/16/14      Shooting (hits unknown)**

Kelly Vern Swoboda, 49, male, European American      3/12/14      Shooting death


Santiago A. Cisneros III, 32, male, Latino
3/4/13      Shooting death
Merle Mikal Hatch, 50, male, European-American
2/17/13      Shooting death


Joshua Stephen Baker, 27, male
9/29/12      Shooting

Michael Anthony Tate, Jr, 25, male
8/21/12      Shooting (no hits)      PPR 57

Billy Wayne Simms, 28, male, European American
7/28/12      Shooting death      PPR 57
Name withheld (Juvenile), 17, male, African American
7/17/12      Shooting      PPR 57
Jonah Aaron Potter, 31, male, European Am
3/26/12     Shooting      PPR 56

Adalberto Flores-Haro, 31, male, Latino
3/13/12     Shooting (Washington County/PPB Gang Team present)      PPR 56

Bradley Lee Morgan, 21, male, European-American
1/25/12     Shooting death      PPR 56


Darris Eugene Johnson, 26, male, African American
7/9/11     Death in custody      PPR 54
William Kyle Monroe, 20, male, European American
6/30/11      Shooting (live rounds in less lethal gun)      PPR 54
Ralph Clyde Turner, 61, male, European American, mental health issues      3/6/11      Shooting (no hits)      PPR 53
Thomas Higginbotham, 67, male, European American, homeless, mental health issues     1/2/11     Shooting death     PPR 53
Kevin Charles Moffett, 31, male, African-American (alleged target) 1/1/11      Shooting (no hits)     PPR 53


Marcus Lagozzino, 34, male, European American, mental health crisis      12/27/10      Shooting      PPR 53
Darryel Dwayne Ferguson, 45, male, European-American      12/17/10      Shooting death      PPR 52
Craig Boehler, 46, male, European American
11/23/10      Shooting (with death by smoke inhalation)     PPR 52
Keaton Dupree Otis, 25, African-American, male
5/12/10      Shooting death      PPR 51
Jack Dale Collins, 58, European-American, male
3/22/10      Shooting death      PPR 50
Aaron Marcell Campbell, 25, African-American, male
1/29/10      Shooting death      PPR 50
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occupyUS Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11

Statistically speaking,
Americans should be more fearful
of the local cops than “terrorists.”

PDX Police have effectively been granted a license to kill at will… with no accountability. This remains dangerous and we need to demand changes from the mayor, PDX City Council members, and the dysfunctional PDX Police bureau.

“The murders of Aaron Campbell, Keaton Otis, and James Chasse, Jr. have never been resolved. None of the officers who broke the law and violated Police Department Procedures have been charged, tried,or prosecuted for these crimes.

We, the citizens of Portland, Oregon, have paid millions for crimes committed by PDX police officers, yet none of these officers have been disciplined.

They continue to “serve” in spite of their crimes, loose cannons. The shootings of James Jahar Perez and Kendra James may have been forgotten by some, but we have yet to see any sort of accountability or justice.

This must change. We deserve an explanation from our mayor, council and more responsible leadership in our Police Bureau.

All we ask is that officers protect, serve and obey the law. Currently, significant percentages of people in Portland hesitate to call the police out of fear for family, friends and neighbors. This is not acceptable.



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