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The Portland Alliance: June 2014

Vol. XXXIV, Number 6    June 2014

The Fight for $15 Finally Comes to Portland »

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PDX Police Updates
8 Wars: Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Libya,
Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen and Nigeria.

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Our Food, Our Choice:
We have the right to know
what’s in
our food.

Last year over 400 cities around the world participated
in this day of action bringing hundreds of thousands of
people into the streets to March Against Monsanto.
We hope to double that this year.  

Why We March:

Protect bees and monarchs against GMO pesticides.
• Protect our food supply and clean water.
• Support local farms and farmers.
• Protect our environment.
• Promote organic solutions.
• Expose cronyism:  big business & government.
• Bring accountability to those responsible for the corruption.

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