Dr. Jill Stein was the Only Logical Choice

Here are the choices we had: Unsustainable wars which will bankrupt the nation with Trump or Clinton vs Shutting down the wars and rebuilding the nation with Dr. Stein and the Green New Deal. 

Jill Stein Walks the Talkpresident stein

Stein was endorsed for President by Noam Chomsky, a linguist, author and activist, and is recommended by by Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, political commentator and war correspondent, among others.

Dr. Stein is as real as it gets.

Hillery, on the other hand… is scary.


Hillary Clinton, with her money and corporate billions, will be the representative in November 2016 for the Democrats, banks, military, corporate cartels and the CIA. Those not belonging to the millionaire’s club will not profit by her “service.”


The CIA is the enforcement arm for the people who own all of the natural resources on planet Earth. The problem we run into when Fortune 500 businesses choose to finance CIA adventurism is that the health and welfare of the American people suffers, jobs are shipped overseas and unending wars (to sell munitions) meanw basic infrastructure continues to fall apart: ports, rail, highways, schools, parks, universities, hospitals and other critical public utility and human services systems.

Our educational system is failing.  Each year Systemic decline continues and next year it will be worse than it is today. We deserve better.

Instead of non-profit, single-payer, common sense health care, we got mandated payments to deep-pocket insurance cartels who continue to hold the purse-strings and control the increased costs.



The health “insurance” we get is increasingly un-affordable and leaves 31 to 35 million Americans at risk, uncovered, unprotected, vulnerable and losing fortunes, homes and lives.

This cannot continue. 

We spend trillions fighting avoidable wars chosen by advocates on one side or another of the corporate aisle. Most of the biggest players (like the 16 big guys who make billions and pay no taxes) are savvy enough to payoff both corporate parties to hedge their bets.

Our only option is to pay attention.  Between 60 and 75% of the voting
public say, at this point, they are ready and willing to seriously consider
a third party.  This is good and bad.

The bad part is Bernie Sanders intended to rope people into the “lesser evil” myth (with a blind eye to Israeli and corporate aggression.)  The truths he tells about banks are useful, but when he folded up his tent and suppored Hillary, we were left in the lurch with nothing but Clinton or Trump endorsing endless unprovoked wars.  

But we had a bird in the hand, and mainstream media ignored her campaign. 

Dr. Jill Stein has a plan for revolutionary change.
She could have put everyday people back in charge.

Dr. Stein is recognized as a global leader in health care and people. She stands up for securing peace and restoring human services. If she were president, we could transition to peace, instead of transitioning between wars. We could rebuild, renew and replace failing infrastructure.  This would create jobs at home, good-will abroad and all ships could rise.


During and after this transition, we could retool for peace and shut down ambitious, boneheaded and counterproductive corporate abuses of power and the public trust.  Savvy firms could reinvest and America could begin exporting technology, information, education and peace… instead of munitions, aggression, studious-ignorance and war.

It’s time to stop fooling ourselves, war is surrender and peace is victory.


If we really want peace, justice and freedom… then we could have voted for the only honest contender in last November’s election. Dr. Jill Stein had the best chance to heal this nation. 

Everyday people can make a difference.
 But we allowed corporate cons on both sides of the aisle to scare us.  We must find the courage to resist.  We are under attack and it’s time we stand up and fight back.  
No justice, no peace.

No fear, no compromise and no surrender.

We could Shine with Stein and the Green New Deal. 

More information and Links about Jill Stein.

more information:  Something to think about…

“We know Bernie said he would support Hillary if she wins the nomination.  And Hillary has promised to attack Iran.”

Dr. Jill Stein Walks the Talk on Peace, Justice & Freedom by Ending Wars of Choice, Securing the Peace, and Endorsing Responsible Gun Ownership



1. Bernie supports American and Israeli aggression.  He talks about corporate cons, but votes to fund unnecessary and avoidable wars of choice.


2. Stein opposes American and Israeli aggression.  She will shut down wars of choice and secure the peace so we can heal and rebuild the nation.


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132946_600“Some people are so afraid they cannot find the courage to debunk the junk and face facts. And increasing numbers don’t want to know truths which may be too terrible to bear.”


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