Do peace, justice and freedom matter?




Obama crossed the line in the sand, for me, when he went on international television to announce his new definition for American “justice.”

...invading a sovereign nation whose military has not attacked us (against the will of their leaders), shooting an unarmed woman in the leg, then shooting an unarmed suspect in the forehead (previously a CIA “asset”), without any charges filed, trial or sentencing and then dumping the murdered man in the ocean… is Barack Obama’s “justice.”  Murder by any other name.

And mainstream corporate media did not even burp. This is nonsense… as well as rank treason.


“… It has become challenging to keep up with all the ways in which the president has not only embraced, but expanded and institutionalized, George W. Bush’s most radical policies.”…/obama…/

the murder of Americans (and thousands of innocents) without a trial.


Does this sound right to you?


I know that my father, Rev. James Martin Flanagan, is rolling over in his grave.  An avowed pacifist, he joined the service to fight the fascism of Hitler and his ilk. Now, corporate cons on both sides of the aisle, have seen fit to allow a neo-fascist and racist in the oval office. We are losing freedom my dad served to  protect in World War Two.

Every day, these tools trade blood for money to enhance the bottom line of the Fortune 500.  On our dime, with our lives and resources… they export terror, munitions and unprovoked wars for extraction.   While American infrastructure falls apart, we create more enemies and make the world demonstrably less secure. 

Regime Change for the corporate bottom line is a bad idea

We have 36 years of evidence that unending war is not the answer. And either sitting on the couch and hoping for change or only focusing on local issues are not solutions.


We can choose a different path.

We can surrender to fear and endless wars or embrace courage and sustainable peace. 

“Those who insist on pretending we can only choose between Democrats and Republicans must learn how to think outside the corporate box. We must keep our eyes on the prize and vote our values instead of our fears.

We can secure the peace and invest in people and planet. Too much hangs in the balance to straddle the fence, vote for lesser evils… or lose hope and surrender.”

It is time to make a change. Avoidable and unnecessary wars must not continue.


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