Help get Dr. Stein on more ballots!

Jill 2016
Dear Friend —

DSC_0635-copy.14236.widea.0To give people like you a real choice in November, we first need to gather thousands of signatures to gain ballot access. This costs the campaign thousands of dollars, and can be a significant challenge especially in states with early deadlines.

I think this is the year we can rise to the challenge – but only if everyone chips in to help. Like our campaign as a whole, our ballot access drive is funded primarily by small donations from emails like this.

jill-stein-750Can you pitch in $3 today to help me declare another victory in our ballot access drive?

For my campaign to succeed, it’s critically important that we get on the ballot across the country so we can give America a real choice in November.

I know we can get this done today, but to make it happen, I need your help.

p_Jill_Stein_headshot.pngDon’t forget: now that we’ve qualified for matching funds, anything you give will be doubled. Thank you for all that you do!

Dear Friend —

Our drive to get on state ballots across the country is heating up, and I need your help!

We’re planning to start gathering signatures to put my campaign on the ballot in Utah, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island very soon.

But to cover the costs of organizing and petitioning in these states, we need to raise $8,500. Can you pitch in today to help make it happen?


Our drive to get on state ballots across the country is the critical first step to reaching the millions of Americans who are looking for a people-powered alternative to the establishment parties funded by predatory banks, fossil fuel giants and war profiteers.

Support from people like you has already helped us make history as the first Green campaign to qualify for federal matching funds at the beginning of a presidential election year.

Can I count on you to pitch in today so we can get on the ballot in 3 more states and reach over 3 million more voters with our campaign for an America – and a world – that works for all of us?

It’s in our hands!


PS. Now that we have qualified for federal matching funds, anything you give up to the first $250 will be doubled by matching funds. Please consider maximizing your impact with a $250 contribution today. Thank you for all that you do!

Shine with Stein!


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