Portland Police Bureau Calling the Shots

So does Portland Police Bureau policy need to be corrected?

Ice Cube – Good Cop Bad Cop

Does it ever!

fightbackSo far, PDX Police Bureau officers have been provided with a license to kill at will, even unarmed citizens, without accountability. This is the signal that various mayors and PDX City Councils have delivered over the last 20 years.

One set of laws for us and a whole ‘nuther set of exceptions to laws for the police. This is not how it’s supposed to work.
Accountability matters, and so do human lives.


But “Don’t Choke ‘Em, Smoke ‘Em”.. attitudes still exist in both officers on the street and justicepoliceadministration. If the bureau, city council and mayor persist in their machinations, the DOJ may have to step in, restore the rule of law, and start from scratch.


Otherwise members of the PDX Police bureau will continue to ignore the law and misuse and abuse citizens. When the people we hire choose to beat-up, target and kill citizens at will…. it is time to lay down the law and fire officers who break the law..



 The murders of Aaron Campbell, Keaton Otis,  and James Chasse, Jr. have never been resolved. None of the officers who broke the law and violated Police Department Procedures have been charged, tried,or prosecuted for these crimes. We, the citizens of Portland, Oregon have paid millions for the crimes committed by PDX police officers, yet none of these officers have been disciplined. They continue to serve in spite of their crimes. The shootings of James Jahar Perez and Kendra James may have been forgotten by some, but we have yet to see accountability or justice.




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