Hillary Hawk Hell? No Thanks & Good Riddance.

hillaryhawkThere is no question that a vote for Hillary is not possible.  I could not support her as a greater, lesser or middling evil.

Some people are so afraid they cannot find the courage to debunk the junk and face facts.  And increasing numbers don’t want to know truths which have become too terrible to bear.   ~tmf

When asked about moral scruples, Hillary the hawk’s response was:

What difference, at this point, does it make?

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

― Aldous Huxley

Hillary supports unending wars of choice and would continue the Bush-Obama-Clinton agenda. More war, munitions, bodies, and coffins… from across the globe, for the corporate bottom line and on our dime.

If Democrats want to stand for and support unprovoked corporate -American aggression, Wall St. bonus bailouts, a failed “drug war” and asset forfeitures by innocents only charged with a crime, then vote for Hillary the hawk.

Hillary stands for three strikes and more jail time while we have more people in for-profit prisons than anytime in our history. She is favors murdering prisoners who pose no threat, including the innocent and the guilty. 

Under Hillary, the TSA (Transportation Security Agency)
[ http://observer.com/…/the-tsa-has-fallen-so-far-it…/ ]  will continue suspending the 4th Amendment and grabbing your crotch against your will, while the NSA (National Security Agency) would increase tracking the calls of hundreds of millions of innocent Americans and spying on a vast but unknown number of Americans’ international calls, text messages, and emails.

[ https://www.aclu.org/…/privacy-and…/nsa-surveillance ]

If these intrusions were not enough, the HSA., (Homeland Security Administration), will be encouraged to persist in child abuse: “One in four children included in this complaint reported some form of physical abuse, including sexual assault, beatings, and the use of stress positions by CBP officials,” the report said. “More than half of these children reported various forms of verbal abuse and denial of medical care, including two young mothers whose infant children came back sick while detained in freezing temperatures.”

[ https://tv.azpm.org/…/20341-az-aclu-alleges-children…/ ]

If Hillary were elected, we would send even more illegal drones to kill an average of fifty innocents per strike, and militarized police forces will continue to beat, torture and kill innocent and unarmed citizens at will.


~No thinking person can support these policies no matter how they are packaged, marketed or presented as any sort of “lesser evil.”  In a free county, the Bush-Obama-Trump, Bernie, Elizabeth and Hillary agenda of preemptive destabilization, attack, occupation and exploitation would stop.  And habeas corpus, civil-rights, constitutional integrity and something resembling liberty would be restored.

No amount of false-choice distraction techniques can paint Hillary as pro-peace and compassionate, when she is “as hawkish as any Neo-con on a bad day.”  
9iiiisssiiiHer record of extra-legal and anti-constitutional tactics speaks for itself and violates the beliefs and values of liberals, conservatives, progressives, constitutional imperatives and everyday people from left to right.

We do not have to take it anymore. The time has come to vote values and demand results. The corporate con Bush-Obama-Clinton-Trump agenda is the biggest adversary we, the people, face.

No more fear, compromise and surrender. Trump and the Republicans work for the Fortune 500 and brag about it. Hillary and the Democrats work for the Fortune 500 and lie about it. Blind faith voting has already cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives.

A child of five would understand this.  Send someone to fetch a child of five.”
~Groucho Marx

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
― Anaïs Nin



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