May Day! Resist!

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The Portland Alliance

Image result for Mayday 2018, stop the war and invest in peace Thank you to our comrades at PortlandCHRP – Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines

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and Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project for their help. 

Please share and on May 1st rise up against capitalism, rise up for international solidarity, rise up for all workers worldwide!

#WorkersUnite #MayDayPDX 
The Portland Alliance

Rise Up, Resist, Unite: May 1st, 2018

  • Mayday
    Tuesday, May 1 at 3 PM – 8 PM PDT

    Lents Park

    9000 SE Holgate Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97266


** Location note: SE Corner of Lents Park, near playground
** Ubicación del evento: esquina al sureste de Lents Park

May Day 2018 – United for Worker and Immigrant Rights

The Portland May Day Coalition is a broad group of local grassroots organizations, labor unions, faith groups, and individuals who come together every year to recognize May Day – International Workers’ Day. We remember past revolutionaries who have fought for, and won, critical rights; we also organize to continue the struggle.

This year the coalition will be hosting a family-friendly event to celebrate this work, our community, and strategize about how we support each other through our diverse, but interconnected, movements. We will be enjoying delicious food, music, games, and hear rad speakers discuss a collective vision that is rooted equity, solidarity, and global justice.

With love and solidarity,

– The Portland May Day Coalition

** Note: translation updated; thanks so much to the comrade who sent corections

La Portland May Day Coalition es un grupo amplio de organizaciones de base, sindicatos, colectivos, y grupos que se reúnen cada año para celebrar May Day – El Día Internacional de los Trabajadores. Recordamos revolucionarios del pasado que han luchado por los derechos fundamentales; también nos organizamos para seguir adelante en la lucha.

Este año la coalición organiza un evento para las familias y los trabajadores para celebrar el trabajo y para crear estrategias sobre cómo podemos ayudarnos entre nosotros en nuestros movimientos interconectados. Estaremos disfrutando de deliciosa comida, música, y juegos, y escucharemos las voces de oradores de nuestra comunidad discutiendo cuestiones de equidad, solidaridad, y la justicia global.

Con amor y solidaridad,
– La Portland May Day Coalition

Coalition Info

Bette Lee took this picture… and said…

“I’ll remember this Mayday for its intensity—our intense emotions of grief and outrage at the recent killing of Freddie Gray, another young black man by the police, demands for justice, our outcry for the police killings of people to stop, and our resistance. Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Justice Matters, Resistance is the only action that matters!”


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Together we make a difference. Thanks for all you do.
Join the Revolution!


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