American Cops: Armed & Dangerous

68. Samuel Harrell, 4/21/15

(Some police bureaus still do not bother to report murders of citizens.)

DEC 28, 2015 2:59 PM


Despite public protests, occupations, direct action, and increased public scrutiny, U.S. police killed more people in 2015 than in 2014. While numbers vary from source to source  — the website found police have killed 1,186 people in 2015 (the U.S. government currently does not track how many people are killed in police encounters.)



The data from show that white people are the largest group of killed by the police. But when taken together, the number of people of color killed by police — Latino, black, Asian, and indigenous people — surpasses the number of whites. As ThinkProgressnoted last year, young black men are 21 times more likely to be killed by cops than young white men, according to a ProPublica analysis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also compiled data which show that people of color are most likely to be killed by cops overall.

The data also show that California, Texas, and Florida lead the U.S. in terms of deadly police encounters.

above is from:


Key Findings:

  • Police killed at least 102 unarmed black people in 2015, nearly twice each week. 

  • Nearly 1 in 3 black people killed by police in 2015 were identified as unarmed, though the actual number is likely higher due to underreporting

  • 37% of unarmed people killed by police were black in 2015 despite black people being only 13% of the U.S. population

  • Unarmed black people were killed at 5x the rate of unarmed whites in 2015

  • Only 10 of the 102 cases in 2015 where an unarmed black person was killed by police resulted in officer(s) being charged with a crime, and only 2 of these deaths (Matthew Ajibade and Eric Harris) resulted in convictions of officers involved. Only 1 of 2 officers convicted for their involvement in Matthew Ajibade’s death received jail time. He was sentenced to 1 year in jail and allowed to serve this time exclusively on weekends. Deputy Bates, who killed Eric Harris, was sentenced to 4 years for murdering an unarmed man. This is the only cop who has served time for murders committed by police in 2015. 

The Peaceresource editor’s Note:
I read ALL of these incidents.  Why do we allow this?
If you read these 102 cases of police assault, killings, and flat out murder,
perhaps you will find a reason to stand up and fight back for justice.
We ARE under attack.

peace, Tim Flanagan

Here are the names and stories about the UNARMED PEOPLE of color murdered by police.  

(Ordered by the date the person was killed, starting with the most recent)

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