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I have A Few Words: about police executions

I was just saying that the job as Chief in Portland, Oregon must have been worth the move. But Danielle is not much of an Outlaw. She kinda fits in with the several overly militaristic and trigger-happy officers who keep gunning down people, innocent and guilty, sometimes armed and sometimes defenseless.

Or they execute a terrified family man, nowhere near anyone, holding onto a box knife and cutting himself. Are these so-called peace officers just stupid or do they consider themselves to be the law?

This most recent tragedy is too typical. One of the cops who did the deed has previously gunned down the unarmed, with no repercussions but a paid vacation.

These 12 so-called police officer had batons, a police dog and tasers... but instead of doing what the PPB Manual of Policy and Procedure indicates... a "bad apple" or two executed a frightened man 30 foot away from most anybody with his hands at his sides looking terrified to death. There was no reason to murder him. 

"The shooting also provides an important insight into eyewitness responses. A bystander who captured the incident on video says he thinks the police were "justified" and that Elifritz "lunged" at an officer before they shot him.


That's not what the video shows. The man was staggering a little bit and was nowhere near the officers before they began open-firing. Police say he waved his knife at a police dog on the scene, which also isn't apparent in the video."

~Scott Shackford 

Executions are still illegal. The so-called officers who were so 'fraid as to gun down this 48-year-old husband and father, should have their weapons taken away and be charged. Murder is not OK, even if you are dressed in blue and wearing a badge. They belong in jail.

But so far, public executions of troublesome people with mental problems (as well as the shooting both the armed and the unarmed) seem OK with the Oatland Outlaw.
I wonder if she operated above and beyond the law in Oakland as well.


Anybody who agrees with this execution is not paying attention.


murder5We need accountability, justice, real reform and some arrests.

Laws were broken and somebody needs to pay some dues.  Some cowardly cops chose to deliver the death penalty, instead of doing their jobs:  protecting and serving the public who pay them.


John Elifritz died for no good reason. Remember his name. Another one bites the dust. John did not die because citizens are afraid, however. He died because one or a few rogue cops were afraid, so they took the law into their own hands. Again.


There oughta be a law.
Oops, there IS one.
Why is the law not enforced?


~Timothy Martin Flanagan
associate editor at The Portland Alliance


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