American Covid-19 Jab? Ask your doctor…

The best advice is to ask your doctor.

Doctors and scientists understand that
less than five million ostensible deaths labeled as Covid-19 in 2019-2021
are not the same as 100 million cases of actual flu in 1918-1920.

100 million is not 5 million, regardless of how many times the radio, TV and newspapers may claim it is.

Do the math.

What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye

Spanish Flu was the deadliest pandemic

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Extended Version)

Less than 1% of the planet has died from Covid-19 and 90 plus percent of the planet is not infected by it. This is a time for sanity and common sense. The common cold, the flu and COVID-19 can be avoided by frequent, thorough hand washing, coughing into the crook of your elbow, staying home when sick and limiting contact with people who are infected. Masks should be worn in areas of high risk, but will likely not be effective in preventing transmission of the virus.

John Lee Hooker & Carlos Augusto Alves Santana – The Healer

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cropped-492ef5d189f28ae678fd96be17854718-edvard-munch-beaux-arts.jpg

Doctors and Scientists understand the facts. Corporate media mendacity and madness has little to do with facts.

Less than .0004% of humans on planet Earth have died from Covid-19, based on questionable statistics.

And more than 99.0006% have not…

But some are calling for everyone to wear masks, give up libraries, forget schools, stop political meetings, shut down elections and bankrupt small businesses… while America continues exporting dozens of expanding wars costing trillions, killing millions bankrupting the nation and crippling the planet. Mainstream media claims this is about “healthcare.” Feels more like fatal distraction.

This is nonsense. America has the most expensive and least effective health care among developed nations. The USA is dead last. This has been true for years and has NOTHING to do with Covid-19.

Covid-19 is a footnote to dozens of unprovoked but expanding wars and is less dangerous than a half dozen other causes of death. Torturing children with masks, half-truths and lies is unhealthy and unwise.

Howlin’ Wolf –How Many More Years?

~Nina Simone

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