Merthiolate or Mercurochrome?


K.C. Douglas – Mercury Blues (1952)
Mississippi-born bluesman K.C. Douglas (1912-1975),Mercury Blues | K.C. Douglas
recorded in Oakland, California during a 1952 field trip.
Thiomersal, or thimerosal, is an organomercury compound.
It is a well-established antiseptic and antifungal agent.

The History of Blues : Big Maceo & Tampa Red (Winter Time Blues) - YouTube
The pharmaceutical corporation Eli Lilly and Company gave thiomersal the trade name Merthiolate.   
Formula: C9H9HgNaO2S

IUPAC ID: Ethyl(2-mercaptobenzoato-(2-)-O,S) mercurate(1-) sodium
Molar mass: 404.81 g/mol

Big Maceo Merriweather-Worried Life Blues
Song: Worried Life Blues Artist: Big Maceo

Big Maceo Merriweather, Rose Allen Broonzy, Big Bill Broonzy, Lil Green,  “Jimmy”, Lucille Merriweather and Tyrell Dixon c. l… | Blues musicians,  Blues, Country blue
Big Maceo Merriweather, Rose Allen Broonzy, Big Bill Broonzy, Lil Green, “Jimmy”, Lucille Merriweather and Tyrell Dixon c. late 1940s.

Album: The King of Chicago Blues Piano
Writers: Sleepy John Estes
It is used to prevent skin infections. It is used to clean woundsBig Bill Broonzy - In Amsterdam, with his son Michael | Blues music, Black  american culture, Music history
Video Trick Worm Fishing Merthiolate Color
Mercurochrome is a trade name for merbromin, a compound containing mercury and bromine.
Nina Simone Rare Footage & concert Film
Merthiolate is a trade name for thimerosal, a compound containing mercury and sodium.
Big Bill Broonzy 1957: 3 Songs “Worried Man Blues,” “Hey, Hey” and “How You Want It Done.” From the DVD “A Musical Journey: The Films of Pete, Toshi and Dan Seeger.”
Bob Dylan
Merthiolate may refer to:
Watershed—Mercurochrome—I’ve Been Looking Everywhere—Liv
Thimerosal, a mercury-containing antiseptic discovered in 1927
Chlorhexidine digluconate solution, marketed by Hypermarcas under the name “Merthiolate”

Bob Dylan – Hurricane (Official Audio)
Benzalkonium chloride solution (Cloruro de benzalconio, tintura), distributed by Bayer deBob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone | This Day In Music México under the name “merthiolate”  Benzalkonium chloride and red dye solution, marketed by DLC Laboratories, Inc. of Paramount, California, as a mercury-free skin antiseptic under the name “Merthiolate” (brand name: De La Cruz)
Ingredients. Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13%, Alcohol, Acetate, FD&C Red No. 4, Purified Water.
Adults and children 2 years and older: clean the affected area, apply a small amount on the area 1 to 3 times daily, may be covered with a sterile bandage. If bandaged, let dry first. …
Bob Dylan - Photographic print for saleWarnings. For external use only.
Rob Hardin reads his short story, “Merthiolate.
Lyvinte – Merthiolate


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