Empire, deconstruction and revolution


When Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were presidential contenders, they both endorsed, encouraged and supported unnecessary wars and avoidable profiteering for the corporate elite.

They offered nothing better than Trump’s hate, vitriol and rancor.

Eight more years of war is what they promised: dozens of unnecessary conflicts, thousands of avoidable drones and more troubling presidential assassinations which make murder without trial the new American rule without law.

Now Donald Trump has been installed in office to continue building this house of cards (unending wars for corporate profit) which we know will fall.

During a  70 year piece of time, America (in our names)  fought wars with 30 nations, one or two at a time, for no particularly compelling reasons.  NONE of these countries attacked America.

And in the last nine years, with aggressive military conquests against smaller and less powerful nations, we are now fighting at least 27 simultaneous and expanding wars… and have been building an empire based on more than 900 offensive military outposts in 150 nations. We sell arms to both sides of artificial conflicts sponsored by the CIA and/or the Pentagon.  This expanding empire, selling unending wars for profit, has already bankrupted the nation.

Fiscal collapse, coffins and chaos will not take eight years. Flogging the dead horse of wars for profit won’t work. And Trump remains a chump.

None of the above: Hillary, Donald, Bernie or a dozen other corporate cons
are not worth my vote.  I could not vote for surrender to eight more years of war.

Why would anyone?

We only had one choice last November 2016. Her name was Dr. Jill Stein.  


She had the only viable plan: The Green New Deal.


We could have shut down 27 unnecessary wars, invested in peace, people and profit…
and exported knowledge, technology and peace instead of terror, munitions and war.

We had an opportunity to stop wasting resources on avoidable wars by investing funds in securing the peace, restoring infrastructure and delivering critical human services.

We could have chosen to put people in front of military profits. This would have allowed rebuilding America and creating a peaceful, progressive and prosperous future for everyday people.



If America had chosen the Green New Deal in 2016, we would have secured the peace and now be erasing student debt, delivering non-profit health care, localizing banks, regulating large corporations and bailing out Main Street instead of propping up Wall Street.

This would have stopped foreclosures and bankruptcies by putting everyday people in charge with 100 percent employment opportunities the first year and 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. All ships could rise.




Many progressive unions across America and around the globe understand that Jill Stein and the Green New Deal provided an outline for peace and progress:  We must shut down corporate wars to create a sustainable future.



We can no longer allow the corporate elite to drive jobs overseas by starting avoidable wars for the corporate bottom line.


We deserve better. Unending wars against smaller and less powerful nations will continue to suck this nation dry or we can organize, educate, wake up and shake up the American people.jxgf





The future is in our hands.


We have the power to empower the people.”



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Together we make a difference.

Thanks for all you do.

Join the Revolution!




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