End Gaza Slaughter: Contact Elected Officials

“The people in Gaza are struggling to survive. This misuse of US military aid for attacks, bombings, invasions, seizures of resources, settlement construction, wall-building, destruction
of homes and other war crimes must not continue. ”

Contact Elected U. S. Officials and let them know!


War is surrender to chaos.
Peace is victory and security.
We can secure the peace by
working with other nations
to enforce a ceasefire,
repair the damages,
contain the violence,
rebuild and move forward.

Contact your president, vice president,
senator, representative, governor, legislators
and government agencies to let them know
war is not the answer. We must invest in Peace.

gaza3Israel is a nuclear power with an Air Force, Navy and Special Forces divisions armed with sophisticated US  military hardware.
The people in Gaza are struggling to survive. This misuse of US military aid for attacks, bombings, invasions, resource seizure, settlement construction, wall-building,  destruction of homes & war crimes must end.

Contact Elected U. S. Officials  and let them know!

Call, e-mail, or mail U.S. state and federal elected officials and U. S.   agencies.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

U.S. Senators

TOON2U.S. Representatives

State Governors

State Legislators

Contact Your Government, by Agency


Contact Your Government, by Topic

Sign a Petition to end the horrors in Gaza…


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