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The math is not complex. Instead of doling out corporate welfare to insurance firms, we can pay that money to deliver actual health care. As health improves, costs go down.



Nonprofit health care allows citizens and businesses to win twice: — less money out of our individual budgets for health insurance, and — no government bureaucracy that gives our tax money to the less efficient health insurance companies through a variety of federal and state programs


If we stick with corporate cons running the show, this leaves out 31 million people who will continue to suffer without health care.  This raises  costs of care and lead to more suffering. 

(a report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicts that by 2023, 31 million non-elderly Americans will still have no carehealthcare1.


America currently has  forced payments to transnational insurance cartels betting against our health. These cartels, after paying off CEOs and advertisers… deliver the most expensive and least effective health care among the most developed nations on the planet.

We leave 31 million without any care at all. 



The U.S. Has The Most Expensive And Least Effective Health Care In The Developed World


cropped pic for web_0Medicare for all is another insurance scam where 20% of health care costs are left unpaid and people get zero help with eye exams, glasses, dental work, medicine and long term care. This plan makes going to the doctor too expensive and raises costs.

What we need is what Obama promised but denied us; We need universal, nonprofit health care for everyone in America. Everybody in and nobody left out. As health care is delivered, people get healthier and costs go down, not up.


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