March 15 – May 1 at 1pm to 4pm Organize in Dawson Park: PDX Oregon

  • No Change is going to happen
    without us!! Do you really think
    anyone cares about these youth
    dying? People get PAID for this shyt,
    it’s created an economic windfall for every social worker in the City and
    our babies are still starving and
    growing up to be homeless and illiterate.
    Let’s work together without the system to
    handle this problem because the system is
    not designed to STOP THE VIOLENCE!
    Music video by 2Pac performing Changes. (C) 1998 Interscope Records

    March 15May 1courage4

     March 15 – May 1
    at 1:00pm to 4:00pm
    in Portland at Dawson Park…


    joy2 Meet us:
    Dawson Park
    Show Map

    at       1pm

    Dawson Park at North Stanton Street
    and North Williams Avenue, 

    Portland, Oregon 97227

courage1It’s 2015 and in America we just
had a year of turmoil, deaths and
dishonor with the Ferguson killing
of Mike Brown for running while black…
and the daylight, sidewalk murder of
Eric Garner for standing while black.

Every year more Police brutality, militarization and murders people of all races, creeds and cultures.  No arrests, prosecution, indictment or justice!

visions4Killer Cops are found not guilty
and the reason to justify it is their fear.

But murder is murder and we have laws
against homicide.  A badge and a gun
do not provide a license to kill at will,
regardless of the pronouncements of
police chiefs, mayors, or grand juries.
We cannot allow police bureaus and
officers to commit extralegal killings
of our children and loved ones.

We have a serious problem and it’s time to face facts and do something about it!

peace-justice“Everybody” has their own ideas
about what can work, how to do it
and what it looks like, but we can
get it together and walk the talk
while building support and
creating opportunities for change.

Economics equity is the answer.
But this will require peace, justice
and freedom.  We must get rogue
cops off the streets at home and
shut down corporate wars abroad.

We can think globally and act locally for justice. 

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About ThePeaceresource

visions4“Fighting for peace is like
screwing for virginity.”
George Carlin

This is a safe place
between wars, arguments,
rhetoric, truth, poetry,
science and fiction.

hunterhunted“We cannot expect
people to have
respect for law and order
until we teach respect
to those we have entrusted
to enforce those laws.”

Hunter S. Thompson
~ Hunter could have been talkin’ joy3
about the cop who shot Mike Brown,
the Ferguson Police Department,
the Mayor of Ferguson,
the Governor of Missouri
or Barack Obama.

Our leaders do not deserve our respect,
until they respect us. So what’s it gonna take? Suggestions?

visions1Stop the Killings!

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