We can win in November 2020


If you were inspired by Sanders’ talks about economic equity, Jill Stein has been carrying that banner for several years. And the Green Party for Peace, People, Planet and Sanity is the only real choice we now have.


Stein, Baraka and Hawkins walk the talk.

 Democrats lie and Republicans brag about supporting wars for corporate profit:  34 or more simultaneous, unprovoked and expanding wars on nations who did not attack us… is bad policy. This is what created ISIS. We need to shut down the wars and rebuild the nation.  History has not been whispering, she has been shouting in our ears for decades:

The pro-war and “lesser-evil” theories have been completely debunked.

  1. We do not have to take it anymore. We are tired of being tricked and trickled-on.  And it has to stop.  Any candidate who refuses to secure the peace is the wrong leader during this revolutionary transition. We must challenge the pro-war clowns and profiteers. Trump and Hillary are two peas in a war pod. We cannot afford to continue spending trillions to kill millions for billionaires. Unprovoked aggression against smaller and less powerful nations, for corporate profit, is destroying this nation.  

But we can shine with a Green New Deal for Peace, People and Planet.
Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party New Deal are brilliant. The Peace Party which just swept Europe “gets it” and has enough courage to tell the truth. This vetted plan can shut down 34 wars. We can invest in peace in our time.

Stop voting for war: support Stein, Baraka and Hawkins.


“… Clinton and Trump support a continuation of the Obama policy of unrestricted assassination of individuals targeted by the White House for extermination.”

This is illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and one of the many ways our unprovoked aggression helped to create ISIS. When we are on the attack, people will continue to fight back.




Wars of agression are the same tragedy we have endured for 45 years. In the past eleven years these wars have bankrupted the nation and crippled the planet.

But this year, we have an opportunity for change. Change takes courage. Settling for the “lesser evil” does not work.

“Obama governed like a right winger at home and abroad. And we are paying the price.”  Now Trump has doubled-down. And Biden belongs in jail.

Forget the war parties. 


The “lesser evil” Obama took us from Bush’s 4 wars and bombing 4 nations into Obama’s 31 wars and bombing 10 nations who did not attack us. Obama claimed the right of kings to murder Americans at will, without charges or a trial, and he murdered innocent Americans in our name. Trump, Obama, Clinton, Pence, Sanders, Biden and Warren… have endorsed rendering Americans for torture, rape and murder as well as dozens of avoidable wars.

We need real change.no6

“Just being slightly less worse than the worst possible scenario is not acceptable. We have to be willing to stand up and throw off those chains of powerlessness. In the words of Alice Walker, ‘the biggest way people give up power is by not knowing they have it.’
We have it.”




Stein, Baraka and Hawkins are more progressive, better-educated and smarter than Clinton, Trump and the last five presidents.

If they do not tie Stein, Baraka or Hawkins to chairs… they can win the debates this fall.

These brave candidates are standing up for peace. They can communicate with millions who have already rejected the corporate parties.

The American people are sick of war. We can make this change, this year.
80-92% of the electorate already reject the war parties. 


A coalition is building: 31 million Americans who want health care, 40 million Americans who want their student debt erased. 70 million students in secondary school and college who want the opportunity for free K-16 education. 5 million Americans who lost their homes to banks. 3 million Americans used and abused in corporate wars of choice. And 80% of Americans who are in debt and tired of seeing banks bailed out and Main Street sold out.

A change is coming. The revolution has begun and it will not be televised.



The cure is courage. Fear-mongering is an excuse, not a reason. If we want real change in November and beyond, we must continue our struggle with our words, ideas, music and arts… and these struggles must occur in the streets, in marches, rallies and revolutionary acts in our homes, lives, and in the voting booth.


“Settling” for lesser evils is a real bad idea. Especially when we have been presented with a greater good which remains within our grasp. We can bring a Green revolution of ideas, principles and actions into the streets, to the White House, into congress and allow this to sweep across the nation and turn the ship of state. Wars for profit are not sustainable, and as long as Hillary, Donald and Jeb continue flogging that dead horse… we are dead in the water. The Millionaire’s Glee Club must not prevail.


revoluiton1Change is in our hands. The Green Party  does not offer platitudes or empty promises. We understand the issues and deliver real and attainable answers. The only way we can move from exporting terror, munitions and war to the export of knowledge, technology and peace…  is to face facts and stop pretending.   Victory is within our grasp.

Revolution Blues


“If the 40 million students whose debt will be erased, and the 31 million Americans who will receive universal nonprofit healthcare, and the untold millions of Americans who can profit from ending 27 corporate wars, regulating the banksters and rebuilding the nation… can join together in an act of mass civil disobedience, we can take back the nation and begin building foundations for a world no longer at war to feed cons, profiteers and criminals.

Surrender is not a tactic.

The struggle continues and we must organize, educate and agitate for real and effectivestein3 social justice and human victories of the heart. We do not have to take it anymore. We can refuse by finding the courage to stand firm. We have only yet begun the fight. And I remain willing to fight for the greater good instead of surrendering to the disasters we have suffered for 45 long years.”


It is time, with this new declaration of independence from the corporate cons, that we take back this nation, and our lives, from these pretenders. Viva la revolution!



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132946_600“Some people are so afraid they cannot find the courage to debunk the junk and face facts. And increasing numbers don’t want to know truths which may be too terrible to bear.”



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