Bernie’s “dream” is a Nightmare

photofromtelesur-reutersBernie has not been real helpful to the people he represents during his career in the U. S. Congress.  Sanders has been abandoning  whatever principles he might have had to fit a variety of circumstances.

He started out in congress 25 years ago. But after the first ten years, Sanders has been voting to support American and Israeli aggression and war-profiteering for the past 15 years.

Bernie surrendered to the corporate elite.

He agrees to become war-tender of: 27 avoidable wars, a rogue drone program known to kill an average of 50 innocents per strike and committing murders: presidential assassinations without criminal charges, a trial, due process or the rule of law.

And Sanders plans to continue bombing weaker and less powerful (often Muslim) nations for extraction, extortion or exploitation. With this aggressive posture towards the globe, Bernie (who would be the leader of the richest and most powerful empire on earth) agrees that we should continue sending the Army, Navy, Marines, FBI, CIA or whatever it takes…  to perpetuate avoidable wars of aggression for the corporate elite. 

These www.doomsteaddiner.netunnecessary conflicts cost trillions of dollars and take millions of lives for the benefit of the 1%. These are war-cons who cynically watch the chaos of our decline, placing billions of dollars in accounts overseas so they can continue to pay no taxes on their illicit gains.

And the American people pay the bill, with our dwindling resources and sometimes with our lives. This is not smart and not progressive.

…. Here is the reality.

We’ve expanded the American empire and Bernie intends for this military aggression to continue.  But this nearly “imperial” expansion of empire contradicts Sanders’ most passionate populist rhetoric.  He pretends he will force corporate cons to bend to his will, even while he allows them to continue taking us to the cleaners while making us less secure. Instead of talking out of both sides of his face, Bernie needs to tell the truth.

“Shut-up”, You don’t have the microphone!”  is not a good enough response to questions about war, peace, life, death, murder, chaos, decline and surrender.

Bernie refuses to talk about either the costs of his plans or the realities imposed by military-industrial expansion. When push comes to shove…
Bernie needs to show us the money!
Endless wars for profit are counter-intuitive, unsustainable and already bankrupting the American Empire. But Bernie does not want to talk about it.

Bernie is not a revolutionary, he is a politician. And when it comes to war, peace and moving forward…  he does not seem to have a clue.

Sanders  is no longer a socialist, nor is he a humanist.  He is acts like and old-style Southern Democrat: talking the talk about being a gentleman, raving and moaning about economic justice but quietly surrendering to unnecessary wars of aggression. For the past
15 years Bernie has endorsed unending wars against smaller and less powerful nations. These conflicts are untenable and cannot be sustained. no6 Sanders has signed on as a Democrat, for the duration, effectively shooting himself in the foot.

Sanders represents expanding empire with increasing wars of aggression for conquest, extraction, control and the spoils of war.

But this multi-trillion dollar corporate expansion has no way of sustaining itself.
We are rapidly depleting our resources…
in fact, we’re technically broke.  Bankruptcy looms between 2020 and 2030, but Bernie won’t budge.  Those who have been led to believe in Bernie (Bernie-the-Bomber hopefuls) need a reality check. Bernie is just another con.  He provides self-promotion like a carny talking to a mark. (In the tradition of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama)  Bernie is fooling too many of us while he tries to fool himself. He’s out of his depth and has, so far, not exhibited any of the qualities of the leader we need.

oweug[aSanders, the emperor of ongoing wars for profit, has no clothes.
And when he folds up his carnival tent and votes for Hillary we are going to be in real trouble. But we have have time to think about this and change course.
Dr. Jill Stein has a FUNDED plan for ACTUAL change. This plan is vetted by experts.  She does not owe her soul to the corporate party line. And she will not raise taxes.  With this brilliant woman in charge, we can shut down corporate wars and force reinvestment in this nation.  We can secure the peace, stop our own aggression, and invest trillions in peace instead of war:  she will support jobs with justice by building roads, improving schools, adding to libraries, strengthening universities, funding research labs, upgrading utilities delivery systems, providing clean and sustainable energy resources, and providing functioning schools, hospitals, clinics and social programs as needed to build a future.

81-KPqrfqzL._SL1500_It’s time to face facts. The corporate cons know they cannot continue or sustain the various military-industrial conquests made in the last eight years. We are in big trouble, and thankfully Bernie will never be president.

Sanders most complete explanation for his studious ignorance so far has been,
“Shut up, I have the microphone.”

The people in Vermont are watching with amazement as the Bernie show continues…

Bernie thinks more war, drones, disaster, disorder and death is the answer, but millions disagree:

Dr. Jill Stein knows we must secure the peace, stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia, halve the military budget and invest those funds in infrastructure:  rails, roads, bridges, libraries, schools, universities and public services. We can export knowledge, technology and peace instead of terror, munitions and war.  Stein is brilliant, has four degrees, and while smarter than the last five presidents… she is down to earth. It’s time we put this doctor in charge because she has the cure. She’s taken an oath to do no harm and will secure the peace, rebuild this nation and reconnect us with building a better world.

Think about it.

We can take our approval to the voting booth. We are stepping from an imponderable past into a spellbinding future. Lifting one foot from beneath the underbelly of the beast of war, while our other foot falls upon upon solid ground. And we know in that moment, between past and future, that upon landing… peace can be  secured while we rebuild and all ships rise.

We can shine with Stein!

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“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.” Emma Goldman

 1-REVOLUTION The right to rebellion is the right to seek a higher rule… GEORGE ELIOT

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  1. Thanks for this, Peace Resource.

    I left the Green Party in 2004, after John Kerry conceded what I felt was ANOTHER stolen election. Like Al Gore, Kerry didn’t have the strength to stand up to the Republican thieves, and I saw that this is a characteristic of Democrats: they do not have the strength that comes from having a moral center. Where was the John Kerry who testified against the Vietnam War so many years ago?

    So, when Bernie Sanders chose the Democratic Party, I was very disappointed. I do not think one man can turn that sinking ship around.

    But, I have to confess I do feel that Sanders IS doing something important, and that is to advocate positions on the national stage and say the “S” word in public, perhaps even making it respectable to do so. Even though he voted AGAINST the Iraq war, you may be right that he is a warmonger, and he certainly has been coy about his true feelings about the Zionist state, even though his website takes a fairly enlightened and neutral stand on the contest (a stand which most Arabs would welcome, I think).

    So, what’s an old radical to do? This is not a simple choice.

    I sent both him and Jill some money as I can, but I will vote for Jill. I sent Bernie the money so that he will keep on with his public attacks on Wall Street and campaign finance, but I don’t want to think I contributed to the inevitable support for Hilary, who is a bloody, unprincipled warmonger as far as I am concerned, so I probably won’t do it again. Even though I am a woman, I don’t vote for people on the basis of race, so why should I vote for anybody on the basis of gender?

    Again, thanks for your “take” on the matter. I will be thinking about in the days to come.


    1. You are welcome. Bernie is a con man. He started out as an anti-war activist, but turned in to a war con. A sadness. I have met Dr. Stein. Myself and about a dozen Portland, Oregon writers, journalists, activists and educators had dinner with her in 2012. Many of us were unsure about her. But she not only knew the right questions, she had real answers. I voted for her in 2012 and 2016… If she is on the Green Ticket in 2020, will vote for her again. No other candidate from any party has a real plan for moving from endless war to investments in peace, people and planet.
      Peace, Tim


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