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The Seventh Dimension…

Albert King – Blues Power

DarkMoon DarkMoon

“Moving about in the seventh dimension, going to universes with different basic laws of physics sure sounds a lot like what happens when you go in between dreams.”

Here is a record of real lies and hard truths:
Congressional Record

The Congressional Record began publication in 1873. Printed by the Government Printing Office, it is the fourth and final series of publications containing the debates of Congress. (It was preceded by the Annals of CongressRegister of Debates, and Congressional Globe.)
Jelly Roll Morton – Winin’ Boy Blues – Library of Congress 1939

The Record is far more comprehensive than its predecessors in reporting Congressional debates. Appendixes appear in most volumes, the earlier ones limited mainly to speeches of members.

The Seventh Dimension is more accessible…

Recent versions of the Record may be found in THOMAS, the legislative information site at the Library of Congress.

This site debuted during the 104th Congress, but contains searchable text of the contemporary Record.

The Seventh Dimension

“The seventh dimension is clear inner space, not clear white light, just clear space. It goes on and on infinitely, like an inner sky, like an infinite inner sky. Entering the seventh dimension we enter realms of knowledge resulting from super-conscious perceptions of the super-conscious itself. The seventh dimension looks deeper, into the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth and beyond. Dimensions exist in completely different realms… different universes…   The seventh dimension is a silent world. This could be a heaven world for Gods themselves. Their retreat place within the wonderful mind of man.”

                          7th Dimension

“Each dimension has a different energy frequency, which is why we may feel or intuit different dimensions but most often not see them.  So many things are happening out of the range of what our eyes can see or our brains can comprehend.  There is a continuum of energy just as there is a continuum of light rays that we can see.  We cannot see x-ray wave lengths and we cannot see the frequency of other dimensions.

The 7th dimension is a spiritual place, calm and serene. A peace surpassing all peace and has been described by some as “God/Goddess centered.” One way to enter this dimension is through meditating. Visualize taking a giant leap into the air and flying.  When Tibetan monks “ohm” with several sounds emanating from their throats, they are in the 7th dimension.  This dimension is soft, loving, detailed, and ethereal.

While in this dimension one can function in the world with no stress; there is no time or space.  One can easily fly or swim under water… There is no war or fighting, since one realizes all is connected to everything else.  Colors mix together in a  translucent manner which makes the mixture of colors deeper and more vibrant than each 7th Dimension Energy Art >> | Awakening art, Mandala art, Fractal artindividual color.

Everything is sparkly and many points of light form moving and dancing patterns. One’s energy dances with moving lights, causing energy to become higher and upbeat.  Melding or becoming one with others’ energy is easy here.
This is a comfortable place to visit. There is a freedom of expression and a feeling of floating in a sea of bliss, wrapped in angel’s wings while being held and nurtured.  We can expand ideas here so we can get a wider vision of what options are available. There is a liquid gold feeling of ecstasy. There are guides who help with healing. We are so much more than we know and our energy is so much bigger than we realize. We are connected to all sentient beings.  There is an inner sense of beauty.

Years ago I was leaning against a gigantic tree meditating in a sequoia forest when I felt the all encompassing peace and love of the 7th dimension connected to my heart and the oneness of the world.  I felt the trees connected through their roots to all other beings and how trees communicate love, acceptance, and healing throughout the world.  Trees are protecting, guarding, and saving this world. Slow deliberate yoga movements can accentuate the 7th dimension.”  

                                           ABOUT THE SEVENTH DIMENSION


  • “The seventh dimension emits amazing harmonics of a level surpassing any from the fourth dimension, harmonics sweep over and through dimensions one through six.
  • There are at least seven temples, each holding a master chord that heals aspects of the other dimensional planes.
  • The goal of seventh dimension initiation is to attain a level of consciousness that allows an exit from planes of matter. For an earthling, this means the soul has fully engaged in earth experience and become one.
  • The soul at this level vibrates full force and potency, all humanity and experience.
  • When your soul is ready to transition out of life, this dimension emanates the exact tone of your soul which triggers your soul to exit.
  • The most important vibratory tone is Hope.
  • This is one of the dimensions inhabited by bodhisattvas.
  • Many inner earth kingdoms (fairy realms) have seventh dimensional harmonics.”

Everything much change…  even when beginning in the 7th dimension…

In physics and mathematics, the 
Dimension of a mathematical space is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it. Thus a line has a dimension of one because only one coordinate is needed to specify a point on it – for example, the point at 5 on a number line.

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