Another War Guy…

Bernie is just another war guy…  Bernie Sanders's Pro-War Voting Record: lostgeneration
Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
War is the problem and
A Green New Deal for Peace
is the cure.
Sander’s record on Israel is not mixed.
Bernie Sanders has offered justifications for murders in Gaza
and tacitly approves extra-legal wall-building, land seizures,
settlements and assassinations.
Not on Our Side: On Bernie Sanders and Imperialism - Left Voice

Bernie voted against the Iraq war for show,
but then voted to fund it 9 times in a row.

And Sanders voted for 48 more unprovoked wars
of American aggression.

Sanders is a conservative invested in profiteering, American Imperialism and the expansion of empire.
Bernie supports dozens of Obama and Trump’s wars and drones killing an average 50 innocents per strike.
…From an antiwar perspective, Sanders is bad on Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Palestine, Russia and Iran.
And that’s the bottom line for many liberals. As long as Bernie gives them a bigger piece of the American Empire’s pie they are fine with him being pro-war.
Bernie Sanders Rejects Syria No-Fly Zone,
Backs Airstrikes
Bernie is just the same as nearly every other US politician. He’s an imperialist.


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