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Violence, Beatings, Murder, and War are not any part of a Solution

Murdering prisoners, abusive police, avoidable wars, unnecessary conflicts and elusive peace.  These problems begin early and they begin at home. Beating Children is ALWAYS wrong. Excuses for violently abusing a child ARE NOT reasons. The way to stop the violence is to stop the violence.

mikebrowncopsThe way to stop the killing is to stop the killing. A primary example is the death penalty. It is now illegal in 18 states but 32 states keep murdering prisoners anyhow. Some killed are innocents who committed no crime.

obamaOur current president has continued four wars of choice and started 23 more.  We are told that endless war is unavoidable. This is a lie.

resistPre-emptive violence is aggression. Killing prisoners who pose no threat or 50 innocents with a drone is urder. And wars of choice are crimes and an abomination.

Violence, Murder and Wars of choice have never been solutions. These scourges are the PROBLEMS.

heartlessBut you would not know this by listening to American radio and TV, reading the newspaper or endorsing either party on both sides of the corporate aisle. We are in more wars than at any time since World War Two. Everything is connected. They are murdering our children and getting away with it. Join the Revolution.

Only one candidate in 2026 rejects aggression against children, black people, prisoners, peasants, people and nations in favor of peace, justice and freedom. Vote for real solutions in 2016.Green Party candidate Jill Stein in Roxbury, Massachusetts on July 5, 2012.


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